“You have something new to decide”

HIt’s been six years since ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’ premiered and since then, fans of the saga have been waiting for news about the sixth installment, which is about to see the light. however, Disney confirms it’s working on it yeah something very important no question Johnny Depp May reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Since 2017, Disney’s attitude towards the American actor has changed substantially. got to know one I Remember When Depp and Amber Heard Started Their Legal Battle After an extremely painful divorce process. Allegations of alleged misconduct against the actor cost him one of the most important roles of his career.

Depp’s return to Disney closer than ever?

After the outcome of the last trial between Depp and his ex-wife, which was decided in victory for him, it was rumored that Disney opted to soften its stance And, at the same time, specialized media speculated about possible offers for his duty-free return. However, only if they have been produced Progress on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’Something that has been happening in recent months.

“We believe we have really nice and exciting story It pays homage to past films, but also has something new to judge,” says Sean Bailey, current president of production for Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production.

Certain statements have apparently raised doubts about Depp’s personality and, once again, Disney hasn’t closed the door, at least not openly, on a possible return of the 60-year-old actor: ‘No deal yet’, A sentence that has been interpreted by the US media as a change in the position of the company, which has recently closed the limelight and I sing the door for Johnny Depp.


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