Will there be a test for the Vaquita Marina in Por Que México?

What you need to know:

The vaquita marina is an endemic species that is in danger of extinction and Mexico is under the watch of the United States.

Mexico is going to trial with the United States to verify whether it has in fact stepped forward in protecting Vaquita Marina and Totoaba. -If not, AMLO’s government will face several sanctions.

In an effort to ensure their conservation, here’s what’s planned for a year from July 2023 endemic to mexico,

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and that in his case International follow-up given to Vaquita Marina Make haste with the magnifying glass before you risk missing it.

Will there be an investigation into the Vaquita Marina in Mexico?

On July 17, Joe Biden’s government passed something like an ultimatum to AMLO’s government over the protection of the Vaquita Marina and Totoba.

Biden sent a letter to the United States Congress, In which it announced that it would give Mexico a period of one year to demonstrate that it has complied against illegal fishing that affects the vaquita marina and totoaba – a species of pitch of the Scyanidae family that is endemic to the north of the Gulf of Baja California.

Photo: Paula Olson/NOAA Fisheries-Reuters

In addition to evaluating Mexico, Biden asked his Muchachos which officers were involved with them fight species traffickingAlso in the exchange of information.

What are the restrictions?

The idea is that the Department of the Interior, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of State and the Commercial Representative AMLO report on actions taken by the government.

Photo: @SEMARNAT_mx

If it’s negative and the government of Biden does not see strong action, so for the same July 2024 they will decide on sanctions -Advertisement- Against our country.

vaquita marina in danger of extinction

Vaquita Marina, Mexico (phocaena sinus) Considered as a species in danger of extinction-n List of species at risk of the official Mexican standard NOM-059-semernet-2010.

It is also on the Red Book list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a critically endangered species.

According to CountryWith a cut of 2023, there are only 8 Vaquita Marina specimens left, a species whose fate is linked to the totobaThe largest foot in the Gulf of California and whose characteristic – its inborn bladder – has become a much sought-after resource in China for alleged “erotic powers”,

And its fishing appears to be affecting the marine vaquita—in addition to concentrated hunting of this species in the Sea of ​​Cortez, between the peninsula of Baja California and the coasts of Sonora and Sinaloa.

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