Will Ben Affleck join the cast of Deadpool 3?


A rumor suggests that Ben Affleck may appear in Deadpool 3 as Matt Murdock.

Will Ben Affleck Join Deadpool 3?
© 20th Century Studios + Getty ImagesWill Ben Affleck Join Deadpool 3?

one of the most awaited films of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) No doubt deadpool part 3, Many people’s favorite antagonist. Small details of the strap came to the fore, such as integration of important characters, This is reflected in the rumors that have arisen Ben Affleck may appear in Deadpool 3.

one of the wonders is back Jennifer Garner as ElektraAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, the role he played in Daredevil 20 years ago. Too Hugh Jackman has already told how he will play in Deadpool 3 As Wolverine in his classic costume.

Will Ben Affleck Join Deadpool 3?

In Daredevil (2003), Garner plays Elektra and Ben Affleck plays Matt Murdock.Many expect to see the same in the new delivery of Deadpool 3.

Ben Affleck is part of Marvel and DC’s universeSince it is also mounted on two straps in the Batman costume: Batman v Superman (2016) or Liga de la Justicia (2017).

There Deadpool 3 release date is set for May 3, 2024 And on social networks, a rumor states that they have seen the actor shooting for the film, and this sums up the theory that Marvel will integrate several actors and their characters from the MCU.


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