Why Ben Affleck wanted Batman to face Deathstroke in the DC Universe movie that will never happen

Let it be for the record that we all decided to call it “Battleflake” when we still believed Zack Snyder was about to go away.

Ben Affleck is the only actor in the history of cinema to play Batman Due to no solo film for him. Yes, he has served as a partner to Superman, the Flash, the Joker, and the rest of the Liga de la Justicia, but his lease on the lone has always led to protests. Now, The DC Extended Universe Is Completely Broke And Affleck Has It Pretty Clear your superhero wishes will never come true While we can understand what he wanted to do and above all, why he chose one particular villain as his opponent: Deathstroke.

death after death

Originally It was Affleck himself who was going to direct his own film., but eventually finding himself behind, he pitched the prospect of making The Batman starring Robert Pattinson to DC. It was then that the actor talked a bit about the superhero version of what he likes to do and Hubiera viewed Deathstroke as a villain.

After posing it on Instagram and with Joe Manganiello’s face in the post credits of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League,’ it was clear he was going to face Batman if all went natural. According to Ben Affleck in Zack Snyder’s ‘Full Circle’ show, this is because there are only two possibilities to make a Crusade in the Mask movie at that point: “What do you have? A huge villain so formidable that you can’t even imagine how your hero will be able to defeat him You have one of these big groups where there are all kinds of different characters”.

So I was trying to focus on that persona in depth and detail to make it look as impactful as I thought I had the opportunity to make it. That’s the only detail I have for you.

This isn’t the only time Affleck has talked about Deathstroke. His day I told Collider is “a great villain. I have a feeling this will fit in well with him. I’m also a big fan of this characterEspecially what they did with it in the New 52, ​​and I believe it can work”. Slade Wilson May Have Alienated Bruce Wayne’s Very Close Ones One By One Because he will be guilty of his son’s death. Deathstroke may have a future with James Gunn at the helm, but it will be without Ben Affleck. Maybe in an alternate universe of The Flash…

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