Which shade of brown to go for after 50?

Blondes can be a prime choice for hair color after fifty years, mainly because it facilitates the transition with gray hair and gives a glow to the face. However, going blonde isn’t the only option. Celebrities such as Sophie Marceau, Demi Moore, Isabelle Adjani and Monica Bellucci show that it is possible to maintain the charm of brown even after fifty.

Rules for choosing brown tones

Adopting a brown shade after age 50 can raise questions, mainly because of concerns that darker shades can accentuate facial features. According to Axel Joubert, expert at the Jean Marc Joubert salon, it is necessary to consider two rules: stay close to your natural tone and consider the intensity of the chosen tone.

If you are aiming for a very dark color, for dark brown or true brown, it is advisable to opt for a short haircut. This helps prevent facial features from appearing too prominent. However, if you prefer a happy medium, a light brown can be a perfect choice.

brown but golden

Avoid cool browns that can dull the glow of the face, unless you have an ultra-sophisticated look to balance it out with. To add life and playfulness to the appearance, a golden or slightly coppery brownish tone may be more suitable. Warm reflections are more pleasant and natural.

hair dyeing

If you have very little gray hair, talk to your colorist about combining a sweep with color to work on specific areas and add relief. Otherwise, it would be better to opt for full color coverage. The ideal is to deepen the color at the roots and soften it in the lengths, giving a lighter appearance. The aim is to avoid an opaque, “helmeted” look that could compromise its colour.

Choosing the right shade of brown after 50 is a balance between the intensity of the tone, the haircut, and the way the color is applied. Remember that the key to beautiful color is to enhance your natural beauty in a bright and refreshing way.

Inspired by celebrities who choose brown

Many celebrities continue to wear beautiful gray hair even after crossing the age of fifty. Sophie Marceau, Demi Moore, Isabelle Adjani and Monica Bellucci are examples. These celebrities show that brown can be elegant, sophisticated, and incredibly attractive.

maintaining brown tones

Maintaining perfect color isn’t just about a trip to the salon. It is important to perform regular maintenance to ensure that the color remains uniform and attractive over time. Consider using products specific to colored hair, which help prolong the color’s duration and keep hair healthy.

the right brown color for you

Deciding which shade of gray to go for after the age of fifty is a very personal choice. The main thing is to find a shade that matches your skin tone and personal style, and also gives your face a healthy glow. Remember that the purpose of coloring is to enhance your natural beauty, to make you feel confident and radiant.

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