Understand the Ending of Margot Robbie’s New Movie “Barbie”

“Little Women’s” Greta Gerwig Reveals What She Wanted to Say With That Feature’s Final Scene

“Barbie” It hit theaters last July 20 and, to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be more exciting than we expected, including its ending, which features a joke with a lot of emotional meaning for the production director, greta gerwig (“little Women”).

According to the filmmaker, the idea of ​​the ending – as well as many similar situations that arise throughout the story – “It’s always been about lightness and looking for the heart” of the film. Understand that’s a deal The final scene of “Barbie” below:

The following text contains minor spoilers for “Barbie”, which is already showing in Brazilian cinemas!

at the end of the movie, barbielived by margot robbie (“The Suicide Squad”), decides to leave Barbieland and move to Los Angeles to become human. He is in a car in the last sequence of the film glory ,america ferrera), her husband (Ryan Pierce Williams) and his daughter, sasha ,ariana greenblatt,

The now former doll is well made up and looks quite nervous, which leads us to believe that she is on her way to a job interview or something. However, she goes to a clinic and excitedly announces that she is there to meet her gynaecologist.

According to Gerwig, the idea wasn’t just to play with the fact that Barbie doesn’t have genitals: “I knew I wanted to end (the film) with a great joke, but I also find (the line) very poignant.”explained to USA Today.

“When I was a teenager, I remember growing up very conscious of my body, and feeling ashamed in a way I can’t even describe. It felt like there was a need to hide everything.”The filmmaker continued.

“So watching Margot as Barbie, with a smile on her face, say what she says at the end with so much joy and happiness… I thought if I could make other girls realize that Barbie is just like them, that would be as fun as it is exciting.”Gerwig added.

About “Barbie”

In the story, Barbie begins to question her perfect world – where there are no cold showers, nightmares or flat feet – isn’t as perfect as she thought. So, in order to achieve perfection, she decides to go to the real world to know the whole truth about the universe.

together with Ken ,Ryan Gosling, “La La Land: Singing Seasons”), she travels from Barbieland and invades our world, ready to get to know humans more closely. However, the ruthless president of a Barbie doll company won’t let her wander for long and follows her until she’s completely safe in her ideal world… which isn’t quite right when she returns. watch Trailer:

Besides Robbie and Gosling, there’s also “Barbie”. Alexandra Shipp (“Tick, tick… boom!”), simu liu (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”), Emma McKay (“sex education”), Kingsley Ben-Adir (“Secret Invasion”), Issa Rae (“one crime for two”) and nakuti gatwa (“Doctor Who”) and singer dua lipa Like different versions of Barbie and Ken.

Michael Cera (“Juno”), will ferrell (“Eurovision”), Kate McKinnon (“Ghost Buster”), america ferrera (“Superstore”), conor swindells (“sex education”), Emerald Fennel (“Beautiful Revenge”), and Helen Mirren (“Shazam: Fury of the Gods”), along with several others, complete the cast.

greta gerwigIn addition to directing the feature film, she also co-wrote the screenplay for “Barbie” with her husband. Noah Baumbach (“The Squid and the Whale”, “White Noise”). cinebuzz has seen movie and you can see the review click here,

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