Troye Sivan + XG + Tawny + The Weeknd and more

This month’s musical selection comes with a beautiful cover created by George Harrison Troye Sivan, a sci-fi banger extra large and a little french pop baby francescolI. In addition, we will also listen to some other topics weekend from the soundtrack of Sculpture, El Nuevo Disco Del Puerto Ricano tinyand a little bit of electronic pop with 90s influences kandi or akrila, Let’s get started!


japanese group extra large A title single premiered GRL GVNG From their first mini album. JayUrin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Juria, Maya and Cocona Dejaron Carr El Adelanto is from his next mini album, which he announced earlier this week. The song also comes with a futuristic music video. Although the title on the launch date has not been announced, the next project will be his first return to solo duets shooting star and left right Enro’s. Since then, extra large have released remixes of both songs, including a remix Meteor Thief Rich Nasty y left right Thief Jackson Wang from GOT7 or ciara,


2. Child Francescoli, run Run

baby francescoli, electro-pop project of French musician Matthew Hoseinjust shared Run Run, the third single from his upcoming LP, sunset blue is scheduled for September 22. Regarding his most pop song to date, the musician says the following: “run Run It is a song about trying, not giving up, continuing to fight, and keeping hope. It is also a song about overcoming certain important stages in life, such as when you reach the age your father was when you were made, and overcoming them, the figures, the pillars of life that they represent. It’s a positive song, written in great numbers (in this case one of Miss Poca), and very rhythmic that moves at a very high tempo, which I also composed directly. The track’s accompanying video was directed by Nicolas Despis.

3. Troye Sivan my sweet Lord (George Harrison cover)

Sculpture I arrived at the end of the night, and with that, viewers were able to listen to the HBO series Troye Sivan version my sweet Lord, 1970’s Favorite Beatle Song George Harrison, during the final episode. Sivan’s melodious voice hums over a disturbing synthesized organ while Harrison sings the lyrics. Sivan’s release comes days ahead of his single release rush of their upcoming and anticipated album. “Enough of excuses. Enough said for saying ‘ready’ 🙃 it’s TI and Empeza Ahoraaw on this one”, he wrote on Instagram earlier this month.


4. Tawny, date

Puerto Rican Producer tiny If has become one of the most requested in the music industry, and it’s no secret to anyone that he has worked with countless artists on songs that eventually became international hits. weekend, tiny I Got You The Next Step With The Release Of Data, Your Debut Studio Album And Featuring 20 Songs Like You Bad Bunny, Wisin y Yandel, Arka, The Marias, Julieta Venegas, Chris Floyd, Fade, Sech, Skrillex, Rav Alejandro or Alvaro Diaz, And with the album, we leave the audience with one of the production’s most beautiful collabs: Morning, a roll in the side Marias and Young Miko.


5. The Weekend false idols + like god

weekend shared new songs this weekend Sculpture Before the end of the first season on Sunday. like a god and cooperation of lil baby, fake idols, Can be heard in streaming above. songs of Sculpture, were published weekly during the series’ airing on HBO. topics are found in World class sinner / I’m a freak, from depp, y popular, a subject of weekend in which they cooperate Madonna and Playboy Carti.


6. Condi + Akrila, gaZzZzZ

Chilean multifaceted artist Condi aka Cindy Wayne, released their debut disc El Pasado Viernes. Topic pudo haber sidois an offering that blends various sounds from the 90s and 2000s with influences from female artists such as Roseau, Lara91K, FKA Twigs, Beebadobe, Marilina Bertoldi, Mori, Julia Jacqueline and Dora Jar. Finally I had already published three adelantos and today is my turn gZzZzZ, a theme in the company of akrila, Accompanied by a video clip starring and directed by Las Dos Loretta Castelletto and with animation april with b, The song talks about the feeling of euphoria that first parties and experiences with drugs give. “This is a girl who knows nothing about this world and is only in chemistry, illusion and mood, in an altered state of mind, making everything very confusing and very fast like a gas. The song tries to loosen up and let go”, says Kandi.

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