This Is Why Brad Pitt Hasn’t Introduced His Bride Angelina Jolie To His Sons

in the year 2005 Angelina Jolie or brad pitt We met during the shooting of the film.Mister. and Mrs. Lohar‘ where both were protagonists and months later their relationship was made official.

Over the course of nearly 10 years, their six sons were a perfect couple: maddox21 years old, Calmnessfrom 19, Zaharafrom 18, Shiloh17, and twins knox or Vivianto 14. In 2014 they got married to everyone’s surprise but exactly two years later in 2016 it came to light that they the marriage was falling apart,

The condition of the former has not improved over the years and they are found immersed in a series controversies it looks like infinity, After the divorce, both the stars… Han defeated Los Juzgados por la Custodia de Sus Hijoswhich the actress contributed to try out Liquor or The actor’s aggression towards his son Maddox And they were considering it a definite turning point for secession.

Now ‘K actor’s emotional condition’club de la lucha‘Bring fresh air into your life and everything aims to keep you in a more stable relationship ines de ramonVice President of Joyria Brand to Anita, The entrepreneur is 30 years younger to her and they started dating in November 2022 as we can see in the top video.

An exclusive source told the magazine, ‘Aunk Pitt is waiting for the right time to get to know his kids.’us weekly‘ and elaborated on the subject: “Before introducing Ines to her sons, Brad I wanted to make sure your relationship would last Because it’s not something to be taken lightly.” “He has already introduced himself to several of his close friends, including Cindy Crawford or rande gerber“, add private informant.

“Brad and Ines Own no one got to the point of living together But they go in that direction,” she told the magazine, and assured that they plan to “travel Europe together” this summer.

Their novel was announced seven months after the pair first hit the headlines and two months after the businesswoman read it requested a divorce from her ex-husband‘Vampiric Chronicles’ actors Paul Wesley, In September 2022, its representative assured the magazine that the separation was “mutual”.

,us weekly‘ confirmed that Pitt and De Ramon were a pairing”.officially leaving” And another source assured the magazine that the two were “passing some pretty cool rats” during the first phase of their relationship. Furthermore, the ‘Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood’ actor was critical of his former partner andAssures what Angelina Jolie thinks, “I don’t know this shit”. About your relationship with Ines.

There is no restriction for me and I don’t want to do anything for my actor great fight It looks like his deal with his ex-major Angelina Jolie will never end. Now both are fighting for their possessions in the south of Francia, Castle Chateau Miraval,

Earlier this month, Pitt said through documents obtained by Us that Jolie I was feeling “vindictive” In its October 2021 decision to sell its 50 percent stake in Castillo Yuri Scheffler Alleging that Low fought for custody of their children and sinned that he had the opportunity to overrule the motion.

Jolie, for her part, filed a counterclaim alleging that Pitt had tried to “take control” of the property “in retaliation”.by su “Divorceand custody proceduresHe also said that he offered his ex-wife the chance to buy his share in Ch√Ęteau Miraval but she asked him to sign. confidentiality agreement,

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