This is how Harry Styles kicked off his world tour ‘Love On Tour’

Harry Styles reached the end of his world tour love on the goWith which he hit the most important cities all over the planet and even had his first performance as a solo artist Mexico,

The British music star has been riding high on his success for almost two years, but his road has come to an end when he was revealed this weekend Reggio Emilia, Italy,

before you start last showThe singer dedicated a few words in Italian to his fans in which he promised to 100 percent of your energy, Despite being tired after almost two years shows,

Former One Direction held a music tour for almost two years. Photo: Instagram

harry styles made his spin love on the go If it became the 4th most successful in history, its memory is right here 590 million dollars in about 169 shows on Monday Board,

“It has been the grandest experience of my life. Thank you to my band and the entire staff who made it so special over the years. It has been very enjoyable”, he said..

interpreter of as it was I must say that he was feeling incredibly happy and fulfilled because of the support given by his audience and I never dreamed that he would get all the support that he is getting currently.

“Thank you for your time, your energy and your love. It is an honor to play alongside Eustedus. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did”, added.

In case you don’t know who follows Harry Styles’ career or when he’ll be releasing new music, it’s been at least a few months since the former One Direction adelonto expected to take a break from his career with the end of his tour.

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