This could have been mind boggling, but then The Weeknd appears

The appearance of the singer, who doesn’t even know how to act, is a quirky gag that irreversibly mars a series that could have been mind-blowing.

first half of the first episode of Sculpture It is a past. Your raw exploration of the reality of a young woman pop star It is perversely magnetic. However, the new series from creator Sam Levinson Excitement, it crashes. when Abel Tesfaye appears, better known as weekendSculpture muta n un Ridiculous Lucimiento vehicle from an actor who isn’t even an actor,

we can debate that lily rose depp Neither of them have enough caliber to star in such a large production, but this first shot from this first episode confirms that their choice as stars is worth it. Sculpture You are absolutely correct. From her fathers, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose has inherited an uncannily photogenic, feline cheekbones and a certain aura of glamorous and rocky darkness. With that only someone has half way left to play the youngest pop diva Jocelyn Sculpture, Nothing to object to.

When the second episode of the series returns to his already sick world give clear references Trash how smart (In show girl black SwanIn neon monster breathIn circle in bed with madonna, Sculpture goes back. And then, again, The Weeknd enters and, oh surprise, everything falls into place again. The problem is clear. busy production of Sculpturerelief of succession On HBO Max’s Grill, this has been the food of the industry for several months now. Menuda Toxic Story: Sam Levinson and Abel Tesfaye (Which, oh wonder, is one of the producers of the series) Despedieron, with Very Advanced Running, to Amy Seimetz, co-creator of Spectacular girlfriend experience, The reason – unofficial – was that Seimetz was making a series that focused heavily on Joslyn, very feminine,

at the Cannes festival where it was presented, Sculpture started receiving a critical wapuleo I’m afraid this is where this text will disappear. The articles couldn’t address such a contentious controversy: Does it turn out that the only thing that works in a series is what its producers have decided to get “right”? Is The Weeknd’s ego so out of control that he’s unable to see that this is what the series is saying? It’s hard to believe that, in a hierarchical and collaborative medium like the TV series, something like this could pass all the filters.

The Weeknd’s Appearance Sculpture It’s a bochornous stick to irreversibly snag a series that, as we’ve seen in the two episodes it’s already aired, can be mind boggling. It even retained Sam Levinson’s stern eye on his female protagonist. maybe amy seimetz a troubled artist (That word, that cursed word: «problematic») But the video suggests that being with her on The Idol could be way worse. The version of the series that has come down to us and why it is as it is cannot be defended. I propose we only saw the first part of his episode, the weekend is over blinded by the light A good series has been run from the Hollywood Cartel to and from Dante.

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