They found actor Johnny Depp unconscious at a hotel in Budapest, where he was to give a concert

Actor Johnny Depp in an archive image.europe press

  • His musical band Hollywood Vampires had to postpone their performance at the Páp László Budapest Sport Arena minutes before the start of the show last March.

  • The actor is going through a rough time after an intense legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, who won a defamation case

American actor and musician Johnny Depp (Owensboro, United States, 1963) was found collapsed in a hotel room in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and a medical team had to intervene. It is now learned that this was the reason why he had to postpone his music band Hollywood Vampires’ performance at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena. According to the magazine, minutes before the start of the show, previous marts blick,

The stadium was packed with spectators, many of whom had traveled hundreds of kilometers to the Hungarian capital to see Depp’s group perform. Also integrated by rockers Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Tommy Henriksen, Currently touring Europe.

The band apologized to their fans on social networks for canceling the concert, but did not give any details of the reasons for suspending it. “Everything was ready for him Show: set, equipment… I didn’t even think there could be a problem, mainly because the band members had already chosen the sound configuration during the afternoon, If Neddy felt like obsessing too much about the fact that Johnny Depp’s microphone was set up by a staff member and he didn’t participate, Because it’s not unusual for these stars”, one of the employees signed off.

The actor is going through a delicate moment after an intense legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, who won a defamation case. Depp was forced to forfeit part of his estate in the lawsuit. The artist has been forced to seek loans to maintain his palace in Los Angeles.

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