There is concern for Johnny Depp after he was found unconscious in his hotel room

Thousands of fans of the band on last 18th July Hollywood Vampires wait in the yard Papp Laszlo Budapest Sport Arena When we got the news of cancellation of the concert. the only clarification received by the members, Alice CooperJo Perry or Tommy Henriksen, was that the show was not able to celebrate due to a series of “unforeseen circumstances”. Now if you can find out who’s health is Johnny Depp This was the cause of the shock.

After a week of rumors and speculations, Hungarian newspaper blick He is in charge of shedding light on the subject. Obviously, the display could not be performed even after finding the interpreter Pirates of the Caribbean Fain faints in his hotel room. Despite the fact that many of his followers pointed out that the reason for the cancellation of the show could be a fracture in the pelvis that the actor suffered a few weeks ago, the topic was more complicated. A medical team has to go there immediately Corinthia Hotel For attending the service of Depp and the band, I could do nothing but apologize to the assistants.

“Everything was ready, the scenery was ready. We never thought there could be a problem, mainly because the band members had also programmed sound adjustments in the afternoon. I think that’s what I want in my speech Johnny Depp A co-worker even set up his microphone”, explained a source close to the band to the medium. No one knew the seriousness of the matter until the reason was revealed: “All we heard was that Depp’s condition was such that he couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also heard that he called a doctor to see if he felt worse, which was just exaggeration like you exaggerate with rock stars.”

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Interpreter’s health concerns Charlie and the Chocolate Factory He continues to rise, although many of his followers have taken the opportunity to simply accuse and blame him for what happened. A few days later, local media reported that the actor had been seen drinking a few hours before the show, which is why his fans were quick to point out his excesses, the same things he confessed to during his trial Amber Heard: «I consumed these substances to make myself insensitive to the ghosts, the demons that had been following me since my youth. I was basically self-medicating.

until it stops, no Johnny Depp Neither his team wanted to speak on the subject, nor did he want to defend himself against the serious allegations being leveled against the actor. Your health status remains a mystery. will this be the night Hollywood Vampires Resume your tour by stopping in Poland. Only one thing is known that the band’s organization is already working to perform the new finale in Budapest, but will the actors appear on top of the stage tonight?

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