The unexpected encounter between Harry Styles and Pedro Almodovar in Spain

On the milestone of your tour 2023, Love On Tour In Europe, July 14 Harry Styles At its last performance in Madrid, Spain, it created a revolution in music, color and passion. The long-awaited show brought together a huge number of people who did not want to miss the magical interpretations of the English composer. between them, Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, whose photo with the artist immediately went viral.

“Do you know where it might end? Harry becoming Chico Almodovar”, wrote a Twitter user, imagining a new scenario in which the director and composer shared an audiovisual project with Harry’s early acting career. Also, you can consider working as an actor. Often chosen by Pedro for his successful projects.

Harry Styles performed in Spain (Source: AP/Chris Pizzello)

In the image in question, Pedro and Harry are seen smiling at the camera while the musician hugs the director. The photo was shared on Twitter by Agustín Almodovar, who wrote: “Harry Styles and My Brother”. Later, it became known that the meeting was in Madrid, while the Englishman had finished his performance in front of 65 thousand people, who were vibrating to his music, and was able to maintain an intimate conversation, which was not known and because of that, a free fantasy about a work project together.

In addition, the moment the director of Todo Sobre Mi Madre entered the building was shown on social networks To be part of the concert by Iberdrola Music, Its appearance is believed to have generated great reviews due to Popularity, who is recognized as one of the most outstanding directors of the industry.

Pedro and Harry will meet in Madrid (Photo Instagram @AgustinAlmo)

As far as the representation of Argentina in the concert is concerned, it was Being able to see Lali Exposito who appeared on her Instagram account caused hallucinations. In several stories on her social networks, the artist, who is doing her tour across Europe, showed that she was very close to the stage and shared with her followers moments from the show of the songs most recognized by the singer.

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Lali Esposito attends Harry Styles concert in Madrid

Asimismo reposted a video that shows the song with the artist currently unclear. however, Argentina does not tell the story of Pedro’s death And has yet to meet the artist, although he was happy to be part of the special moment of relaxation, amidst his work responsibilities abroad.

This summer marks the end of Harry Styles’ tour of Spain and the final leg of his tour of Portugal and Italy. In this way, conclude the tour which started on 4 September 2021. Which included eight stages of the journey, visiting more than 80 cities in the world. The inclusion of Buenos Aires in 2022 caused quite a stir among fans as it was his first performance as a solo artist in the country.

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