The mystery surrounding the illness of Wanda Nara, queen of the Argentine boots

Wanda Nara in January 2020.Massimo Insabato (Getty Images)

In Argentina, a country where football is a religion, players’ wives are revered or hated from gossip magazines and programs. They are known as booties, for a soap opera of the same name that fictionalized the overburdened lives of Gucci and Louis Vuitton as they take place—with suitcases always ready—among palatial residences, football stadium boxes, and high-end road trips. Among them reigns without a rival Wanda Nara (Buenos Aires, 36 years old). The model, businesswoman and TV presenter shows her life every day to more than 16 million fans who follow her on Instagram. She talks about family scenes with her five children, vacation and business trips, and the details of every media fight and reconciliation with her second husband Mauro Icardi, the Argentine star of Galatasaray in Turkey. Everything you post becomes news. But last week their networks went down. Amid the silence, it became known that she was hospitalized and since then the tabloids have not spoken about anything except her health problems, which her entourage keeps a great secret about.

This Monday, after a week without news, the model reappeared to tell her story. He said that he was at home, following the recommendations of specialists and asked the media not to disclose information about his illness. “On Wednesday, I decided to do a routine test on my own, as I usually do every time I travel, or once a year. Some values ​​went wrong and I made the decision to go to the hospital to supplement other checks that went well. On Thursday, also of my own free will, I left the clinic to do more research at a specialized location. I did this to bring more information to the results of my first research, ”Nara wrote.

The host of MasterChef noted that “like all mothers” she tried to hide her fear of what was happening from the children, especially since she still did not have an exact diagnosis. But 24 hours after the first study, the minors heard from one of Argentina’s most famous journalists that their mother suffered from leukemia. “Medicine is not accurate,” Nara criticized days after her legion of followers did it for her amid a wave of unconfirmed rumors. “I am waiting for more tests,” he added, without revealing his ailment. The message is accompanied by a selfie in which she appears without makeup from the car.

The Argentine botinera’s illness has led to what seemed impossible: her husband and her ex, also a footballer, Maximiliano López, have put aside their differences. Icardi delayed his return to training to take care of Nara, while Lopez traveled from London to Buenos Aires to take care of the three children they had together.

Lopez and Icardi were friends and teammates at Sampdoria. Lopez, nine years older, adopted his compatriot when he arrived in Milan in 2011. He made him part of his family, brought him to his house. The relationship exploded in 2013 when, in the midst of a separation between Lopez and Wanda, Icardi began a whirlwind romance with her that included exchanging romantic social media posts and announcing marriage a few months later. In a world where machismo is as ingrained as it is in Argentine football, Icardi’s betrayal closed the doors of a Messi-led team and sparked such widespread public condemnation that discarded In Argentina, it has become synonymous with cheating on a friend with his wife.

Icardi’s villainous role in local show business had a second season in 2021 when it was revealed that he had been cheating on Nara with actress Evgenia. China Suarez. “Another family that you took for a bitch,” the model took off on Instagram. This phrase caused ink flows in the media about a secret meeting of a football player and an actress in a Parisian hotel. The news was peppered with thousands of insults against Icardi and, above all, Suarez, while the blended family exploded.

The separation lasted several months. Nara forgave him and since then they have broken up again and made up so many times that no one is sure if their fights are real or fiction fabricated for media entertainment like romances attributed to both in the middle. But in keeping with Shakira’s feminist anthem – “Women Don’t Cry No More, Women Pay” – Nara has boosted her business profile amid marriage uncertainty. In addition to continuing to work as a spokesperson for Icardi, she launched a cosmetics line and achieved success on Italian and Argentine television.

His downfall comes when he was at the top of his professional career. The seriousness of the selfie, in which he confirms that he has health problems, contrasts with the previous selfie from July 10. In it he posed on the bed Messi the day after he received Argentina’s highest television award, Martin Fierro. Celebrities across the country and more than 50,000 fans have sent messages of encouragement to him for his speedy recovery over the past few hours.

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