The best movies and series premieres of the week on Streaming and Cinema

July, the month of school holidays, remains an excellent time for the arrival of many films in cinemas. But streaming services haven’t been left out in Brazil, and they’ve got excellent news in their catalog, too.

the main attraction is the movie barbie, This feature, inspired by the world’s most famous doll, promises to take the crowds to the cinema and, without even opening, is already one of the favorites for the highest box office of the year. still the arrival of the expected in the cinema oppenheimerThe new film from director Christopher Nolan and which tells the story of the development of the first atomic bomb in history.

Barbie. Barbie. Source: IMDB

In streaming, the main attraction on Netflix is ​​the arrival of the third season of the popular series sweet magnolias, premieres on Prime Video Mediator, Brazilian series starring Malvino Salvador. Apple TV presents a documentary about one of today’s most popular basketball players: Stephen Curry: Underrated, And finally, Operation Lioness Streams on Paramount Plus with an all-star cast. View the full list!

1. barbie (July 20)

  • Where to watch: Movie theaters
  • original comic adventure film

One of the most awaited films of the year has finally hit the theatres. barbie This will be the first live-action feature of the world’s most famous doll. And apparently the expectations came true, because the specialized media, which could already see the premiere of the film, praised the work. Some even called for an Oscar nomination for Ryan Gosling, the actor who plays Ken Doll.

Barbie and Ken in the new Warner Bros. movie. Barbie and Ken in the new Warner Bros. movie. Source: IMDB

In history, after being expelled from Barbieland, the dolls face the real world. Once there, she slowly begins to understand the complexity of everyday life, and struggles to adapt to the new reality. At the same time, her sweetheart, Ken, is becoming increasingly drawn to real life, leading to great confusion.

Two. oppenheimer (July 20)

  • Where to watch: Movie theaters
  • original action drama film

Directed by Christopher Nolan, oppenheimer One of the great movies of 2023. It tells the story of the Manhattan Project, a US government program to develop the world’s first atomic bomb. The film shows what the construction process was like, the great nuclear test and of course, its use against Japan at the end of World War II.

Oppenheimer is one of the main releases of the week. Oppenheimer is one of the main releases of the week. Source: IMDB

The film grabs attention for several reasons. In addition to the plot, which promises to be one of the Oscar-nominated, it will also include new filming techniques, since Nolan himself said that he did not use any computer graphics visualization in his work. Most notably, it stars Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr, as well as Oscar winners Gary Oldman and Rami Malek, to name a few.

3. sweet magnolias – Season 3 (July 20)

  • Where to watch: Netflix
  • Original Comedy & Drama Series

sweet magnolias is a popular Netflix series. Based on the books by author Sherrill Woods, it tells the story of three childhood friends who pursue their dream of opening a spa in their hometown. However, the mission of keeping the enterprise afloat is not an easy one, with each day being a different struggle.

sweet magnoliassweet magnoliasSource: Netflix

The third season promises to resolve several lingering issues, such as what happened after Helen miscarries and is surprised by a marriage proposal. Plus, viewers will also find out if Dana will take advantage of the chance she gave Ronnie and of course, everyone’s reaction to the discovery that Bill is Isaac’s father.

4. Mediator – Season 1 (July 21)

Amazon Prime Video’s new exclusive national production will be available for streaming this week. Mediator Malvino Salvador is in the lead role in the series, which tells about the day-to-day of the special professionals of the Special Tactics Action Group, GATE.

MediatorMediatorSource: Prime Video

In the story, Malvino is Captain Gabriel Menk, a gate negotiator whose job it is to rescue hostages targeted by criminals in the city of São Paulo. Following the death of his wife, Menak has to deal with the complex daily life of the profession, in addition to dealing with the post-traumatic stress of his son, who has become mute after tragically losing his mother.

5. Stephen Curry: Underrated (21 July)

  • Where to watch: Apple TV+
  • original documentaries

Stephen Curry is one of the greatest basketball players of today. The Golden State Warriors point guard is known for his demeanor on the court, from his strong personality to his incredible ability to throw the ball from long distances.

Stephen Curry: UnderratedStephen Curry: UnderratedSource: Apple TV+

The documentary, exclusive to Apple TV+, features never-before-seen footage to chronicle the player’s journey from his personal collection to the most famous courts in the world. This includes his time in college basketball, his selection in the NBA draft, winning his first American Basketball League title.

6. Operation Lioness – Season 1 (July 23)

  • Where to watch: Paramount Plus
  • original action series

happened in the early 2000s, Operation Lioness Tells the true story of a CIA mission to eliminate a terrorist organization. For this, they call on young Marine Cruz Manuelos to infiltrate the criminal cell together with Joe, responsible for managing groups of secret agents.

Operation LionessOperation LionessSource: IMDB

The series is one of Paramount Plus’ biggest bets. So much so that it includes Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman, Zoe Saldana, Michael Kelly and Brazilian-Canadian actress Lesla de Oliveira, to name a few.

Now that you know what’s premiering this week, just jot everything down in your diary, prepare the popcorn, and check out all the best streaming services right here in Brazil. Stay connected and updated here on Minha Seri!

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