Samuel L. Jackson desperate to go to Wakanda in the MCU

Since 2018, Samuel L Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the MCU, has been ‘desperate’ (hilarious) at the idea of ​​his character being in Wakanda.

We are not kidding, we have the link- Click here, and in your words on the set of captain marvel in 2018Jackson already said: “I’m the only black person in the Marvel Universe who hasn’t been to Wakanda”,

the year is 2023and Samuel L. Jackson he believes Complain that Marvel still hasn’t brought Nick Fury to Wakanda. in an interview with vultureThe actor was asked if his 15-plus-year stint in the MCU gives him some sort of privilege, such as knowing more about the next projects his character will be in. And the actor replied:

“Not good. Or you would have seen my ass in Wakanda.”

The reporter soon asks why his fury hasn’t gone to Wakanda yet. He answers:

“I don’t know! I’ve asked many times, “When can I go to Wakanda?” And they say, “No.” “Why? I know Wakanda is there. And I know about T’Challa. Why don’t I ever meet him?”

Then the reporter asked what Marvel tells him:

“He said, ‘Let’s see.’ Don Cheadle and Anthony Mackie – Every black person in the Marvel universe is like “Wakanda”. Can we relax in Wakanda?” Until Tony Stark’s funeral. It’s the only time you see Nick Fury and all those people at the same time.”

This is clearly a desperate appeal from the actor. Kevin Feige, if you’re reading this: Enter Nick Fury in Wakanda,

And you, dear reader, in which project would you like to take the character there? a pass the avengers, Comment there!

stay tuned legacy of miracles So don’t miss any news – and who knows when we’ll get it #NickEmWakanda,

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More about Secret Invasion

secret invasion Marvel Studios has an exclusive series disney+, with 6 episodes. The series would eventually adapt the 2008 comic that featured the alien Skrulls’ epic and elaborate effort to conquer Earth, infiltrating various strata of society.

featuring returning artists Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) ben mendelsohn (stalk) and cobie smulders (Maria Hill). Besides them, we will also have premieres Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones Daenerys), Award Winner Olivia Coleman it is Kingsley Ben-Adir,

Kyle Bradstreet ,Mister. Robot) while the writer and main producer of the series will be Ali Selim Commands the direction of the episode. series available now disney+Run there to see!

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