Rumors are rife that Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire could be a success

Thomas Haden Church Showcasing his craft as an actor, Hablio de Mes began a test campaign that year for what could be La Si, con mauscula—the film of the year—which premiered.

The actor revealed this in a conversation with Comic Book Could there be a Spider-Man 4? Again with Tobey Maguire in the skin of Peter Parker.

The Man Who Incarnated, Promoting His New Job, Twisted Metal flint marco In Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man: Homecoming he said: “There’s always been something on my mind… I’ve heard rumors that Sam Raimi is going to make another Spider-Man movie with Toby. If that happens, there’ll probably be a campaign to at least make a cameo”.

With the rumors being established and without any official confirmation, it remains to be seen what will happen next. Will there be any response from Sony Pictures? Will Sam Raimi say anything about this? What would Maguire think? All the questions that are still unanswered,

Flint Marko and Spider-Man 3.

¿A very allocated idea? But

It’s clear that all parties will be keen to reopen the Spider-Man universe born at the hands of the director of Evil Dead in 2002. If there are three “groups” of Spider-Man films, most fanatics agree that Raimi’s films are the most successful.

In addition to the existing 2002 Spider-Man spider man 2 or spider man 3premiered in 2004 and 2007, respectively.

The idea for a fourth part isn’t completely insane, The film had entered the preproduction phase, but it was not well received by Tequila and the critical failure that Spider-Man 3 was meant to be.

When he asked Maguire if he would star in a film again as a Marvel superhero, the actor said he would do it without a doubt if he asked him.

Do you want to wear the costume again? Photo: AFP

It’s worth remembering that Toby returned to play Arachnid in the Marvel film Sin Camino a Casa, which reunited all Spider-Mans in cinema under the pretense of the multiverse.

The fourth installment will be produced by Sony Pictures and, therefore, will not be part of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe like the films starring it. tom holland,

The last Spider-Man released in theaters was Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe.

2002’s Spider-Man was the first live action superhero film. Photo: EFE

It’s an animated film that continues the adventure miles morales, the young man who, in this case, wears a superhero costume. Production was all successful: cost $100 million and collected over 675,

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