Robert Pattinson’s bad habit affected recording on the Twilight set

It’s been 15 years since Robert Pattinson embodied the most handsome vampire in history, Edward Cullen, in the famous Twilight saga. But those same members of the cast still remember the bad habit the actor maintained during recording, and which affected the rest of the department members and staff.

twilight It has everything you could expect from a teen love story: lovers whose paths cross, an amazing soundtrack and a great variety of actors who fill out each character. Bella Swan (played by) Kristen Stewart) is still trying to decide between the mysterious Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner,

It is believed that Twilight vampires do not have fluid in their bodies, which is why fans of the saga imagine that role-playing Robert Pattinson Huel a las pages de los libros de su habitación, y al air fresco del grove despues de que el y bella atravaceran los arboles. Of course, Edward and the other vampires don’t stop to point out that Jacob and the wolf’s men left Hedor an intolerable “by the dog”. In real life the situation is apparently quite the opposite.

In an interview in 2012, he asked Robert Pattinson who responded to a comment about not washing his hair for six weeks, and his response would horrify any vampire sensitive to odors, as the actor admitted that he didn’t bathe, nor wash his hair much. It’s hard to be objective about one’s own cleanliness, but it’s impossible to know the truth when other sources are contradictory about cleanliness. Robert Pattinson,

“I think. I don’t. There’s no point in washing my hair. If you don’t care if your hair is clean or not, why wash it. I don’t clean my floor because I don’t care. I have an apartment I sleep in, and you know, I have an ass around my head. I don’t care if it’s clean”.

One of the stars who worked on set with the actor claimed anonymously that Robert was emanating a Tan Dantesque smell, which infuriated some of the cast members. Twilight. knowing that he Robert Pattinson I say I don’t have good hygiene habits, the romance is drained by any scene in which Edward and Bella invade each other’s personal space.

“Apesta. It’s horrible. Never shower and don’t act like it’s a la gente del sette.

Robert Pattinson’s bad habit affected the rest of the Twilight cast

Cast members reveal Robert Pattinson appeared on Twilight set

However, your running partner has his own opinion on the subject. “huel muy bien”, say Kristen Stewart to People Magazine in 2008 prior to the release of the first film. “It’s a brown animal smell. It fit with the film, so it was perfect”. Robert Pattinson tax exemption has been mocked many times twilightIt shows that you have a sense of humour.

Your comments about cleanliness may be true, or it may be a joke. Interestingly, in 2013 it was announced that the actor would be the face of Dior Homme fragrance, which the company describes as an exotic and earthy scent. Of course, a luxury brand like Dior wouldn’t have chosen a star for the job if they hadn’t thought her image could sell cologne, though the actor admits working with the company could have improved her skin care regimen.

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