Reggaeton and why it continues to appeal to the youth

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Bad Bunny, Karol G, Raw Alejandro or Manuel Turizzo, Estos sun solo algunos de los nombres de los exponentes del reguetón. in Bad Bunny’s case, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez OcasioIt has created history by taking urban dynamism to another level.

In 2022, he surprised everyone by becoming the first artist of this genre, and who does not sing in English, for receiving the Artist of the Year award at the MTV Series Video Music Awards (VMA), In the same year, he also achieved the title of the most listened artist on the Spotify platform for the second consecutive year and a single day.

with your disc “Un Verano Sin Ti” breaks Spotify record with 183 million plays, surpassing the Canadian Drake’s 176.8 million. What is it that makes people gravitate towards this style? “Reggaeton was born out of cries of marginalized youth who found it a way of expressing themselves, which was and is cultural”, commented in an interview with EFE Javier “Cholongo” Gomez, one of the originators of the urban genre at the beginning of the movement in the early 1990s. Hector’s former representative “El Father”, one of the veterans of Rhythm.

On the other hand, Jimmy Tovar, Audiosistema’s market director in Honduras, believes that its infectious rhythms have won over the youngest audience. “This is the rhythm that most young people like, “El Pereo”, Although urban styles have come to whitewash this, urban music today also includes rhythms such as dembo, dancehall, trap, rap, and rasp in urban styles. It’s a rhythm that originated on the Atlantic coast of Honduras, but everybody says reggaeton, and it’s not like that”, he explains of the urban genre’s changes.

René Sousa, announcer and presenter of the program “El Tunnel del Amor” on Radio El Mundo, feel with Tovar that this is the rhythm that attracts the masses; However, it is shown in front of its letters. “Its rhythm has something that makes it sticky, which is not bad, but its songs are not lyrical, most of its exponents lack musical education, and what the industry is doing now is to introduce a young singer to discover it, whether he has knowledge about music or not”.

Will reggaeton die someday? Jimmy Tovar believes it will probably be replaced by other rhythms. Meanwhile, reggaeton continues to dominate the world, even though there is a genre that is competing. “Perhaps the new is disappearing in itself, but the style that is making its way today in the famous battle corridors is the new musical trend around the world, a style that perhaps has come to obscure reggaeton and urban music in general, only to show that worldwide success has been achieved Featherweight and Nathanael Canowho are the greatest exponents of this popular style and because it is certainly not regional Mexicano, a style very consumed in Honduras as well.

Mezcla de Janeiros y Collaboration.

colombian music producer Ovi on drumshave worked with artists like Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Karol G and Becky G, explains that the success of reggaeton lies in the fact that “it is a genre that can be easily combined with others. “El reggaetón es uno de osos genera que ha legado para quaderse. It has been able to combine with almost all the current styles and that is why it has established itself as one of the most popular across the globe”, he commented. Other Rajones are in a regular place “It’s one of those genres where there’s a habitual collaboration of artists in a greater union and that helps a lot”“The Hispanic public is so large and has such unique tastes that the Latinos it loves to dance to are more united than the community if Han supported Eno after Eno”.

with hit songs like “Tusa”, “MAMIII”, or “Bichota”, Colombian singer Karol G, has become a leading female artist of the urban genre. For some, she is the successor to Puerto Rican Ivy Queen, who was considered the queen of reggaeton in her time.

El Ritmo Que sells poorly.

Anna Ruth Sagastroom, sociologist and professor at Una-VS, explains that many people do not conform to this rhythm, this is what sells nowadays. “It is a situation that music experts analyze to see how these rhythms are captured.

As for letters, whether they have to be changed or not depends only on the morality of each society. rhythms have always existed for those who believe they are not acceptable, Like today, reggaeton is a genre that has been developing since the 90s, and it is normal that it appeals more to young people, because young people always pay attention to what’s new, and what they hear from adults is already old.

The letters are more clear now, of course, they are also because they allow them to regulate what should or shouldn’t be broadcast, yeah This requires generating resources, and the way to generate is to accept these rhythms, because that is what people demand. So we see how society works, it’s not a personal decision, nor should we change it, your songs have other type of lyrics.

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