Podcast of Jenny Dua Lipa ¿Cuándo escucharlo? Will be guest artist.

One of the singers of the female KPOP music group will be one of the guest stars of the “At Your Service” podcast. Find more details in the note.

The two actors will talk in an episode of the third season of the podcast. , Photo: Composition Libero

Blackpink in your area! The collaboration expected by fans is about to come to fruition, as Jennie, a member of the KPOP group, was chosen as one of the invited stars. Season 3 of Levitating British singer Dua Lipa’s podcast,

There Antagonist of the HBO Max Original Series “The Idol” continues to set trends in the world of entertainment, which is why it’s the perfect time to learn more about your future projects. thank you for Podcast by Dua Lipa, Now we can know the details. In this note, we tell you on which day you have to be connected to listen to the conversation between the two pop stars.

jenny and dua lipa together en vivo

Blackpink, the group to which Jennie belongs, has already worked with her interpreter of “New Rules”; Because the British solo artist was part of the theme “Kiss and Make Up”. However, there is no evidence of works in which the two artists were involved live and live. Therefore, This collaboration will allow us to enjoy a cool conversation between Jennie and Dua Lipa that many fans have been waiting for,

When will the third season of Dua Lipa’s podcast “At Your Service” premiere?

The third season of “Dua Lipa: At Your Service” has definitely raised the popularity of the podcast, as the expectations are high. loss Episodes will be aired weekly from 30th Juneand will be available on platforms such as Spotify, BBC Sounds and Apple Podcasts.

When are you listening to Dua Lipa and Jennie’s podcast?

in social networks, BLACKPINK’s official account announced that Jennie will be invited to the popular online show, If the third season of “At Your Service” premieres on June 30, Jenny will not be the first cast member to be interviewed. Journalist, comedian, YouTuber and English television presenter Amelia Demoldenberg will be joining the podcast.

Also, no specific calendar has been established for Jenny’s appearances on the program, so listeners must pay attention to each chapter to be able to listen to it. ,Are you looking forward to hearing Jennie and Dua Lipa together?,

What is the real name of BLACKPINK star Jennie?

Initially, Jennie’s mother decided to name her son Jaehee when she gave birth, due to her love for Korean actor Lee Jung Jae. However, it turns out to be a girl. Since the artist’s mom is a really big fan of the actor, instead of changing it, I named her daughter Jenny, who sleeps like Jehi.

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