Passenger tries to kick Brazilian out of subway in Portugal

Subway in Portugal A video went viral on social media, in which a passenger on the metro in Portugal is trying to remove a Brazilian from the car.

The record was shared on social networks by MC John Carlos, a friend of Brazilian MC “KMZ do Vagao”, the target of the eviction attempt, on the 19th. He was also in the wagon and filmed the episode.

In the images, a woman is seen pointing a finger at the Brazilian, who suddenly continues to rhyme. She asks him to turn off the speaker and points to one of the signs on the subway, which shows that he cannot perform there.

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Still rhyming, the MC KMZ of the wagon says he will not switch off the device and questions the other passengers about being harassed. The answer is a resounding no!”.

Finally, the complaining woman gets off the wagon, saying that the presentation is “illegal”. In Portugal, as well as in São Paulo, trade in wagons is banned, along with demonstrations that disturb other passengers.

In a post on Instagram following the episode, MC KMZ do Vagao thanked him for the support he has received on social media.

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