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The Government of Sonora, in collaboration with Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi) plans to rehabilitate at least 231 Health Center the first level for this 2023 with a total investment of 329 million pesos.

Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaño announced that in 2021 they rehabilitated 100 medical centers; in 2022 there were 70; and so far in 2023, work has been carried out in 61 health centers.

While work is underway to improve these citizen care facilities, these numbers contrast with what is being seen, at least in the Sonora capital, where some physicians decry the lack of medicines, decent infrastructure, and an excess of administrative staff.

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On a tour of Sun Hermosilloit is noted that some objects are in bad conditions.

Official figures show that 210 urban and rural health centers have been rehabilitated to date under the current state administration, with an investment of 247 thousand 611 million 990 pesos.

Rehabilitation includes electrical work, air conditioning maintenance, waterproofing, restoration of floors, bathrooms and outdoor pavements, lighting, painting, plumbing and sanitary work.

The goal, the president said, is to have decent facilities equipped with quality service that has benefited more than a million Sonora residents, and work is expected to continue with the rest of the medical centers that need attention.

Hermosillo in numbers

As for the capital of Sonora,to the Ministry of Health reported that, to date, 17 health centers have been rehabilitated in various cities belonging to the municipality, such as Mesa del Seri, Plan de Ayala, Bahia de Quino, Punta Chueca, San Pedro el Saucito, La Victoria and El Choyudo, with an investment of 38 million 054 thousand 507 pesos.

According to the document provided Sun Hermosillothe restoration and maintenance of Hermosillo Advanced Primary Health Center required the largest investment, adding a total of 13 million 809 thousand 553.90 pesos, followed by restoration and maintenance Children’s Center for Neurobehavioral Developmentwith six million 354 thousand 193.83 pesos, and in third place is the repair and maintenance of Capasits Hermosillo, with an amount of three million 030 thousand 491.81 pesos.

On the other side, Santa Isabel City Health Center, located in the capital of Sonora, required the smallest investment – 481 thousand 000.95 pesos; It is followed by the El Choyudo Rural Medical Center, located in the city of El Choyudo, with an investment of 482 thousand 752.05 pesos.

The Sonora Department of Health said the restoration and maintenance work for these 17 health centers, 10 of which are located in the city, included waterproofing, wall improvements, interior and exterior painting, floor replacement, bathroom furniture, lighting, doors and windows, walkways and other details.

Monitor the situation in detail

Despite reports of investments in improving the various health centers owned by the municipality of Hermosillo, there are those who point out that the reality is different and that some of these facilities are destined to be the first to respond to the health situation. are in oblivion.

The testimony of a general practitioner working in one of the city’s medical centers and who wished to remain anonymous, said that the infrastructure of some medical centers in the capital of Sonora is in disrepair. terrible conditionsmostly offices, which he points out in a decadent state and without equipment.

“In terms of infrastructure, this is terrible. The offices are ugly, decadent, we have nothing; At the federal level, they say that there are drugs and that there is everything, but here we just see absolutely nothing. There are no medicines for the sick. If a patient is admitted in a critical condition, urgently, we don’t even have a red brigade to deliver him,” he said.

lack of medicines and excess of administrative staff According to him, this is one of the main problems in the indicated place, because, although it was promised that the necessary materials would arrive, this task has not yet been completed.

“Since March of last year, everything should have come, they say, now that this new administration has come, we have been promised a lot and we are living worse than in the previous six-year periods. Since March last year, we have been promised that the medicines will arrive, because they leave us for the good of God along with the patients,” he said.

In this sense, the general practitioner said that most of the patients and people who used to go for routine check-ups or before health They decided to look for other options, since every time they came for a consultation they were told that there were no medicines, no equipment, and even laboratory tests were stopped.

“It fell, of course, because there is nothing. I sometimes told them to at least come to send a laboratory, but it turns out that now we send requests to the state laboratory for anything, and they answer us that there are no reagents: now there are not even reagents in the laboratory, this has never happened. It’s frustrating, I love my profession, but it’s even depressing, it’s a depressing element when doctors come to work in such conditions,” he said.

There are also good comments.

On a tour led by the team Sun Hermosilloit was found that the conditions in some of the buildings that house the polyclinics are favourable, and the necessary assistance is provided to people arriving at the site.

There are also good reviews among patients, such as the case of Mr. Gilberto Montiel, who, after completing an appointment at the Advanced Primary Health Care Center located in the San Benito area, described the service as excellent.

“I consider the medical care in this medical center to be excellent, however, for medicines it is about 90 percent, I did not have to struggle,” he said.

The elderly man explained that, at least when he went to the mentioned medical center for any need, he did not have serious problems, however, he noted that not everyone is in the same conditions.

Ms. Maria Elena Cardenas agreed with him, saying that the treatment at this center was good, not like the other centers she goes to.

“I see myself at the medical center around October 12… but it’s very good here.”

For my part, Mrs. Karina Angelika She admitted that the dental care provided to her daughter was very good, as they have the necessary equipment for the treatment of oral diseases.

While most of the facilities are in an acceptable state, a few others are still in the process of being restored, such as the Los Naranjos City Health Center, which has a sign on the main gate explaining that the place is closed until further notice, apparently due to renovations, as some air conditioners have been spotted ready to be installed.

The Ministry of Health has indicated that the restoration of the Los Olivos City Medical Center is about to begin and that necessary steps are being taken to restore the pending centers located in the municipality.

They are looking for 100%

Governor Alfonso Durazo Montano He confirmed that work is underway to improve all these premises so that they have decent infrastructure, working equipment and a supply of medicines so that all subsequent medical examinations for each patient can be carried out.

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According to the Government of Sonora and Ministry of Health (MOH)The renovation of the last 32 urban and rural health centers in Sonora is expected to be completed this year to provide 100% Tier 1 hospital infrastructure in the state.

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