Marta made her sixth Worlds debut and Alexandra Popp beat Morocco with Germany

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Marta Vieira da Silva is the only football player, male or female, to have scored in five consecutive World Cups and scored more goals in her sixth World Cup.

¡Buenos and football day! Here we have your favorite summary of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. We told you that Alemanía no tuvo piedad con marrucos y le clavo 6 goalsbueno cuatro, por que dos de elos fueron autogoles de las morroquies, mientes que, Italy beat Argentina with a slight difference With all and two goals canceled, Ultimately, she rules; Marta Vieira da Silva takes to the court in her sixth World Cup appearance with Brazil,

results of the day

  • Italy 1 – 0 Argentina
  • Germany 6 – 0 Morocco
  • Brazil 3 – 0 Panama
This is how groups march at the 2023 Women’s World Cup / Image:

Victoria Agonica of Italy

Italy started their participation in the 2023 Women’s World Cup on the right foot, with Argentina suffering more losses and for the first time overlapping goals scored by Tuvo out of place. Just like that, they didn’t stop looking for the win and the goal came three minutes from the end with a header from Cristiana Girelli, who entered the exchange on 83′ and gave the ‘Azurras’ three points with his first ballon.

Ariana Caruso vs Argentina / Photography @FIFAWWC

Alexandra Pop and her partner with Germany

Mundial Feminine’s figures shone in each of their parties and this time Germany’s captain Alexandra Popp won over Morocco with a double, 39 minutes being enough to open the marker and send the Teutones to victory.

The Moroccan group was quite heretofore and disappointed after Pop’s goals, to the extent that two autogoals were committed, which helped the party go through Europe without hope of breaking the tie.

Marta creates history with her sixth World Cup

Brazil danced to samba beats in their performance in Australia-Nueva Zelanda with a 4-0 win over Panama, but Marta snail Da Silva entered the field of play on 75 minutes, carrying all the reflectors, and all the passion at the Hindmarsh Stadium lay at the feet of the Queen, who officially began her participation in her sixth World Cup, a milestone previously achieved by no footballer, male or female.

Marta entered in place of Ari Borges, who defeated the United States. hat trickThe intern gives his place to the teacher who puts Brazilian football on top with the magic of his shoes.

Ari Borges and Marta Vieira da Silva / Photography @FIFAWWC

Marta has a record that no one has been able to break; She is the only soccer player, either male or female, to score in five consecutive World Cups, but she has not lived up to it, with her last ball with the balloon she aims to declare herself champion and needs all the possible goals to begin the history of the Brazilian woman who impressed Pele in Australia-Nueva Zelanda.

image of the day

There are many pivotal moments in this month’s journey around the world, but there is no doubt that when Marta entered the exchange for Ari Borges, she received looks, applause, praise and reflections representing Brazil’s present and past, while, as Ari gives her first brushstroke, Marta begins her way to the end of a more than successful, unique journey.

Ari Borges by Marta/Photographia Getty Images

And we also have a sense of Adriana Silva singing the Brazilian national anthem, her face says it all.

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