Margot Robbie, Marlene Matos and Gugu’s sons

The world of celebrities doesn’t stop and they had a weekend: barbieit is. The film was a success in Brazil and around the world margot robbie, remains the box office champion. But last Sunday, the 23rd, Marlene Mattos it is Son of Gugu were also the main attractions.

João Augusto participated in the Silvio Santos program. There he received a trophy from Patricia Abravanel. But one thing caught everyone’s attention in the chat.

Marlene Matos hasn’t appeared in any shows over the years, but she has been mentioned in several attractions. that’s because Xuxa, O Documentário has caused a stir by revealing behind the scenes of its success in the 90s.

Come and know the details of all these discussions.

Rich Barbie? How much did Margot Robbie earn for playing Barbie?

Margot Robbie is the highest paid actress in theater after Barbie. Source: Instagram

If you don’t like superhero movies or dolls, you probably aren’t familiar with the face of margot robbie at the Movies.

However, the 33-year-old actress has featured in several films throughout her career. Among them, skater Tonya Harding in the biopic I, Tonya (2017). With this great production, Margot Robbie was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA.

She was also in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood (2019), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) and The Legend of Tarzan (2016). In fact, Margot’s most prominent role is as Harley Quinn in the DC Extended Universe, beginning with Suicide Squad (2016).

Margot Robbie became the highest-paid actress in Hollywood with her role as Barbie in the live-action film, according to North American news portal Variety. This is because his fee for his performance in the film was US$12.5 million (R$60 million).

Similarly, Ryan Gosling, who played Kane, received the same fee. with that money, Margot Robbie is only 16th among the highest paid men and women.

Tom Cruise tops the list of highest paid actors in Hollywood. For starring in the latest Mission Impossible film, the actor earned US$100 million (R$550 million).

Xuxa and Marlene Matos

Zuxa was with Haq on Sunday and talked about Marlene Mattos. Source: Instagram

Speaking of fair and rich women, Zuxa’s documentary is the talk of the town here in Brazil. However, there is another name in the media associated with the production of Globoplay: Marlene Mattos,

The director, who has led a more discreet life since breaking up with Xuxa, has gained a reputation as an “executioner” for imposing “imprisonment” terms to keep the presenter at the helm of fame.

Last Sunday, the 23rd, Pedro Bia participated in Domingao with Haq on Globo. There, the director of the documentary describes the relationship between Xuxa and Marlene as toxic over the years.

“Marlene built a fort around Xuxa. That fort turned into a prison with time”- Pedro Biel said.

However, the Globo contractor nevertheless praised Marlene Mattos’ attitude for accepting the invitation for the documentary.

“I think Xuxa had the greatness of meeting Marlene again, and the greatness of Marlene being there. I think they were both confident in some things, disappointed in others.But I think there is a dimension and perception of greatness to what the two have created”- Biel said.

In the same way, Luciano Haque also recalled that when he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Zuxa and Marlín Matos were the ones who helped him in his start at Globo.

Son of Gugu

João Augusto was honored at the Silvio Santos event. Source: Instagram

Still in the area of ​​millionaires, João Augusto participated in the Silvio Santos program, also last Sunday, the 23rd.

There, Gugu’s son receives a trophy from Patricia Abravanel. What caught attention was that Patricia did not mention the subject of the fight over the inheritance.

In this way, the daughter of Silvio Santos thanked Gugu’s contribution to SBT.

“I have been watching SBT since I was young, then I moved to the United States and was away for a few years, but coming back here, now as an adult to know this television is a very nostalgic experience. i am very happy to be here“- said Joao Augusto.

“The Silvio Santos program recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and your father is a part of it. I think your father was grateful to my father, Silvio, and we and my father are very grateful for everything that your father did and represented in the history of Brazilian television. Gugu was a very good colleague of my father, he brought change here”- Patricia said.

João ended his participation by saying that he plans to return to Brazil in May of the following year, once he completes his studies in the US.

Finally, see another participation of João Augusto in Domingo Legal:

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