Lana’s Cut set and other things that passed on at Glastonbury 2023

Glastonbury, the United Kingdom’s most medial and polygamous festival, will be celebrated again at Worth Farm a year later. Elton John, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Lil Nas X or Cat Stevens have counted themselves among the cartel heads, on a weekend in which they return to pass the Muchas Cosa.

elton john and the stars
Elton gave the last concert of his career in the United Kingdom and was presented by several invited artists. Brandon Flowers sings along to ‘Tiny Dancer’, ruling out any possibility of Britney Spears taking the stage after her name had been rumored over the past few days. Also Rina Saweyama, Stephen Sanchez and Jacob Lusk were captivated by the set of Elton, who dedicated ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ to George Michael, the day Michael turned 60.

Lana Del Rey’s Acapella
Lana Del Rey started her concert half an hour late because of her hairstyle (“Take the time to do it”, she declared) and the Glastonbury outfit did nothing to cut the mic at the midway point, well after their opening hours. Lana left the stage and didn’t hesitate to bathe in pasta and improvise a ‘video games’ acapella with her audience.

Lewis Capaldi was snubbed by his audience
Lewis Capaldi suffers from Tourette syndrome and has, on a few occasions, suffered seizures throughout the concert. Le Paso at Glastonbury, at the end of his set. Spasms kept Capaldi from singing ‘Someone You Loved,’ so his audience couldn’t help but sing along for him.

Rick Astley played the Smith repertoire.
Rick Astley has performed at Glastonbury only twice. The first time he did it in the afternoon – one of the least grateful hours – and played his own catalog including the legendary ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Later in the night, Morrissey changed his costume and performed a performance consisting of 16 versions of Smith with the British band Blossoms.

Rina Saweyama removes Matty Healy’s colors
Among Glastonbury’s most commented moments, The 1975’s Rina Saweyama’s vibe towards frontman Matty Healy: “Esta se la dedicado a un hombre blanco que las “ghetto gaggers” y se descuen de las asionos en los podcasts. Also, you’re the master of my lord: Estoy Huerta”. Saweyama refers to Dirty Hit, The 1975’s Seal, of which Healy is a shareholder.

lil nas x plays the new theme
With no records on the market or anything to promote, Lil Nas X headlined his pop show at Glastonbury, claiming to be a natural creation. Montero introduced two new songs, ‘Batty Boy’ and the already known ‘Down Suf Hose’, but mostly based on performances from his first album. Jack Harlow was ready to sing along to ‘Industry Baby’.

guns and roses are punctual
Guns N’ Roses has been in the news for introducing puntuals to their concerts, which is somewhat unusual. Axl Rose and Slash performed 27 songs, joined by Dave Grohl on ‘Paradise City’ and dedicated ‘Live to Let Die’ to Paul McCartney (who was around and he was the leader of the cartel in the previous edition).

Max Richter, Tilda Swinton… and a naked man
At the Glastonbury concerts scheduled for the morning, Max Richter was one of the most popular performers. The German pianist debuted at Glastonbury and performed an orchestral version of his 2004 album, ‘The Blue Notebook’. Richter was at a pizza place with actress Tilda Swinton, but the show was attempted to protest by a man who stood naked in front of the set before being removed from the area by security agents.

The ace trio of Blondie, who opened their set at Glastonbury with ‘One Way or the Other’, ‘Hanging on the Telephone’ and ‘Call Me’. After Keron, ‘The Tide Is Night’, ‘Rapture’, ‘Maria’, ‘Heart of Glass’… No hub invited the cast, but nobody needed the cast with great performances.

Rey talks about sexual violence
In one of the most emotional moments left by Glastonbury, Ray spoke about her experience as a victim of sexual abuse, before explaining “Ice Cream Man”: “There are so many stories that I have been silenced and that I have suffered alone. The following song talks about sexual abuse, rape, sexual violence… I know it’s a heavy topic but I also know that one out of every four women and men is a victim and I know that I am not alone on this day.

Cate Blanchett joins Sparks
Tilda Swinton isn’t the only actress to be seen at Glastonbury. Cate Blanchett joins Sparks during a performance of ‘The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte’, as seen in the video clip for the song.

Before we’d heard of Paul McCartney: The Beatle on the Ground was in Axl Rose’s mouth at Glastonbury, he actually appeared at a Pretenders concert. It was at the end of the show. It was not the only artist to be invited: Johnny Marr and Dave Grohl performed a number of themes with the Pretenders.

lizzo pleads for self love
Lizzo is here to remind us that we love each other more than anything. This was confirmed at Glastonbury: “What was the last positive thing you said to yourself?” Lizzo’s Buen Rollo clearly translated into the music section, where songs like ‘About Damn Time’ lifted the spirits of the audience.

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