Kevin Smith wants Ben Affleck in The Dark Knight Returns

In this mode of multiversos todo, pero todo indicates that Ben Affleck’s cameo en glitter This would be the last time the actor would dunk in the costume. batman, Safe? Nothing is 100% avoidable, at least not for Affleck’s director and personal friend, Kevin Smith.

Smith has his own podcast, Fatman Beyond, and the last episode aired accurately from DC’s latest release in theaters, which seems to be on the right track. Ale dc universe before starting a new job for James Gunn, and it seems that until Andy Muschietti He is already confirmed to direct Caballero Oscuro’s next film, his interpreter has not yet been announced, but it is certain that it will not be Affleck. Is the character over for him? Smith hopes it doesn’t end up that way, saying he’d like to see it again in great comic stories. The Dark Knight ReturnsProducing middle-aged greats like Frank Miller and Bob Kane.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend the world premiere of “The Flash” on June 12, 2023 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, US. Reuters/Mike Blakemike blakereuters

Is Affleck Self-Disposing?

“It was great to see Bane as Batfleck again, as well as Bruce Wayne,” says Smith. “I say in some interviews that it is to find out how to interpret this or that character, and everything has an end. You are sweet and sour. But I’ve said it before because I’ve said it many times that I’ll never be Batman again. you know, there’s a multiverse out there, so we’ll see if that,

,Watch Ben Lay Enchant The Dark Knight Returns, TooSmith continues. “Like many of us, but… I saw him reading it as we were walking past Amy, and he fell asleep. I always decided ‘Why can’t someone make this lousy movie?’ And you know, I was very close to Jack when he did Batman v Superman, which had a lot of elements of The Dark Knight Returns. So I can’t imagine someone winning a full exchange of money within ten years and he tells Ben Affleck, 60, that he wants to do The Dark Knight Returns. I would definitely say yes, and that would be awesome. But for now it’s not working and it looks like it’s having fun doing it.”

Source: Fatman Beyond Podcast

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