Johnny Depp found unconscious in a Budapest hotel

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it’s been a year Media trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. A Virginia state jury acquitted the actor and won a defamation suit against his former accuser.

after many years in a related alcohol and drugs, Depp claimed that he turned to Amber Heard for years to deal with his abuse. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ interpreter threatened for life after trial radical spinSince he has participated in only one film, and if he has, he has cut short his career as an actor.

Aun Asi, the American decided Resume your career as a musician with the group ‘Hollywood Vampires’ and touring Europe. Last March 18 July the music band was forced cancel scheduled concerts in Budapest, explaining that they were produced “unforeseen circumstances”.

Now the newspaper ‘Blick’ has given information that what is the real reason for the cancellation of the concert. They found Johnny Depp unconscious in his hotel room. An emergency doctor came to the Hotel Corinthia to assist him.

A source close to the band explained that they were all set to perform, even as the public had already entered the venue, and that the situation took them by surprise: “The band members had also scheduled sound adjustments for the afternoon.Postponed wondering if Johnny Depp would attend, a colleague even set up his microphone”.

“That’s what we all hear” Depp could not even get out of the hotel. We also heard that he called a doctor to see if he had any problems worse than this. I was exaggerating just like you exaggerate with rock stars”Source added.

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