Johnny Depp doesn’t rule out returning to Disney despite feeling cheated: “Everything is possible”

Johnny Depp has admitted he would have no problem returning to work at Disney despite feeling cheated and being able to play Jack Sparrow again.

Johnny Depp I would have no problem working together again. disney back to explain Jack Sparrow, SECOND tells the magazine a source close to the actor PeopleDespite the fact that he felt betrayed by the entertainment company when it was met with condemnation, it was the most complicated moment of his life Amber Heard Due to sexual violence, I could return to make more films or continue ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’,

In a Tamasha magazine report, he assured that “everything is possible. If it’s the right project, (Johnny Depp) will do it.”

It should be remembered that during Juicio Con heardThe 60-year-old actor assured that he would never work with her again. disney or Warner Bros.Disappointed with the cancellation of several projects he had made.

Johnny Depp has given Amber Heard a court victory and revealed that the million dollars he paid his ex-wife in compensation will be distributed among aid organisations.

If the source is not specific, will Johnny return for another film? ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the new York Times In an article on June 5 it was announced that Disney is “apparently opening the door” to collaborate with the actor again.

“My feeling was that these characters should get a proper goodbye, so to speak. A single franchise can go on for so long and this is one way to end a franchise and I thought people deserve their due, to end the franchise on a very good note. Plan to keep going until it’s time to stop”, reveals Popular Jack Sparrow.

Six years ago the last installment of this saga took place, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’Not long after, Disney hinted it was working on a continuation, but without the Captain. Jack Sparrow, At that moment, he revealed that they would focus on new characters, one of them being explained margot robbie,

“We believe we have a really cool and exciting story that respects the previous films and also has something new”, commented At the time.

However, now it is all a judicial matter Johnny Depp Clarifying, Sean Bailey, the current president of production for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, noted that there are “no commitments at this time” in reference to actors joining the new film, which leads you to think that the iconic Captain might return.

Sean Bailey, president of film production at Disney Studios, has kept the door open for a possible return of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

Furthermore, the creator of the sagajerry bruckheimerannounced many times that his team was “working on two Pirates scripts, one (with Margot Robbie), the other without her”.

Following the 60-year-old actor’s victory in court, a Disney executive told People that “after the verdict, Pirates of the Caribbean is set to resume work with Johnny again as Captain Jack.” He’s a beloved character deeply ingrained in Disney culture.”

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