Johnny Depp Canceled The Hollywood Vampires Show And Everyone Was Worried Because Of His Health

Johnny Depp In the last few hours the news came that on July 18 he had to cancel a show with his band Hollywood Vampiresintegrated by Alice Cooper or joe perry, The rock group Páp László was going to perform at the Budapest Sport Arena, but minutes before the scheduled time it announced the cancellation of the event without giving details about the situation.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have canceled tonight’s show in Budapest. All tickets will be refunded in full. We love and appreciate all the fanatics who traveled far and wide to watch us grow and we feel it very much. Our most sincere apologies”, was the statement that could be seen on Hollywood Vampires’ social networks, raising public awareness when the venue was already closed.

Anyway, Blick announced it via Hungarian Depp was unconscious in his hotel room, preventing him from holding the concert., Undisclosed sources revealed through the above that the film actor could not even leave the hotel and some speculation revolves around the consumption of alcohol that he had taken a few hours before the concert.

If Depp’s health status worried fans and the media, Hollywood Vampires was presented next to him in Germany on the day of Eyre and he was seen on stage in perfect condition. For his part, the hero of secret window There was no public discussion of what happened nor the boys’ version of their story, but it continued with the European tour as scheduled.

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