Jennifer Lopez takes baggy pants and sneakers to furniture shopping in LA

Jennifer Lopez This is one of those celebrities who has a collection of looks Off duty More comprehensive. Photographers love to capture her in sports sets when they sell out the gyms where she enters Los Angeles and the opportunity to get an image of her doing everyday things in life is also lost.

go shopping among them her husband Ben Affleck, is one of the activities that he does the most. And so, where else have we seen actress jennifer lopez carry trendy gifts Which can be adapted from day to day. ┬┐Your favorite pizza? In the last few years there has been a glut of costumes, baggy pants (this is in fabrics such as mesh, cotton or polyester) that lead to play Holgadas T-shirts or any cozy cardiganbesides them tennis in boga which he keeps in his collection.

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Jennifer Lopez’s baggy pants and platform sneakers look

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The Bronx singer was seen leaving a furniture store in LA with a set that sums up the trends seen on the Spring-Summer 2023 catwalks. baggy pants Contrast sweater with resort in white and notable lettering on the front. To not miss out on the neutral tone, I picked a mini pocket crossed in a neutral color.

Sus platform tennis The selection was wide enough to embrace a sporty aesthetic that also makes it casual. Finally, gold accessories were turned into her short sleeves to achieve her characteristic style. On this occasion, I leave the frizz aside and focus on smoothing and combing it with volume, so you can see the fullness of your blonde hair.

Summer is at its peak, but rain and sudden changes in temperature are the order of the day. For Elo, Trust Versatile Pieces in the Closetas shown here Jennifer Lopez, This is a necessity that every woman should consider. Las Pasarelas lo decree and the star confirms it.

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