Jennifer Aniston rocks Instagram by uploading tons of photos without makeup

Number of celebrities performing the show the texture of your skin Their respective social networks continue to grow. Lily Collins, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan and Zendaya have been some of the famous faces who have shown their clear faces, making it clear that our skin is not always clear and they rose, granite or stain This is completely normal (remember it’s never a bad thing). Suelle is one of the ‘celebrities’ appearing without a drop of makeup en instagram es Jennifer Aniston And once again there is a snapshot of this style to show us.

The ‘Friends’ actress’s Instagram profile is full of content showing herself au naturel and this isn’t the first or probably the last time that she’s published a photo Without filters and without makeup. The last image that shows the true texture of her skin is from a few years ago, as it appears to be hugging the super cute Dolly who died in 2019, though we can imagine it’s now because the actress takes her skin care to the fullest.

jennifer aniston without makeup

@Jennifer Aniston,Instagram

In the photo we can see some small wrinkles on the front of Jen which is quite normal for her age (she is currently 54). The ‘celebrity’ has on several occasions spoken about the facial care routine she uses to maintain A hydrated and cared for skin, in addition to commenting on a beauty advice in a more beautiful way. Without forgetting that sports are of great importance in the care of Jennifer Aniston.

We wonder who is the next celebrity to join the trend of posing with a clear face?

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