It’s been four years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, but they’re still feuding over Château Miraval.

Hollywood’s biggest couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, have had about seven years falling apart into all kinds of pieces: six kids, a wedding, multiple mansions and one of the 100 best rosé wineries on the planet, Château Miraval, the couple’s second home since 2008. There, in French Provence, amid 400 hectares of wine edos and a 35-room mansion, they celebrated their wedding in 2014, after nearly a decade. Relationship. Miraval was also the place where his Melizzo spent his childhood, knox or Vivian, born in 2009 in Nice, just over 100 kilometers from the property. And even today it remains the final and millionaire fleco pending a divorce case justified in every detail.

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The couple leased the property in 2008 and reserved the right to purchase over the next three years, turning the mansion (where the Millennium Improvements were already located) into a livable business. Thanks also to other persons: tom boweThe previous owner, a nuclear submarine engineer, has renovated and converted at least a dozen palaces since the 1990s. why sediment Perrin, one of the heirs of one of the most important families in the world of wine, joined hands with the pair in 2012 to elevate the wines of Miraval to a higher class. In the years since, Miraval has become the bodega of Jolie and Pitt, producing prized rosé wines during the last decade (up to the point when guides such as Le Figaro named it as the best or one of the best in Provenza on several occasions).

It was the start of a commercial empire that expanded to olive oil (produced in eight neighboring locations, but sold under the mighty brand) or a care line that Pitt founded in 2022 with Los Perrins, Le Domaine. It cost Miraval 25 million euros to exercise the purchase option in 2011, following one of the claims filed by Pitt against Jolie, with annual income exceeding 45 million euros. Pitt last summer reopened the recording studio (unused since 2008) that another former owner had added decades ago, and which includes discs such as kiss me kiss me kiss me by The Cure or similar subjects wake me Up Before You Go Go From Wham!

The reason for this demand was revealed: In 2008, the pair of lost lovers didn’t wake up to include some sort of clause that specified what would happen to Miraval if love someday ended: badly. Therefore, at the end of 2021, Jolie sold her share Yuri Scheffler, oligarch opposed to Russia, and owner of the Stoli Group (which would own Stolichnaya Vodka, but which also has a significant portfolio of spirits and wines). 50% of the brand.

Los Perrins are hand-washed, ensuring that the brand will not be affected by the change of ownership. But this backfired on Pitt, who decided to launch a new judicial offensive against Jolie, assuring that she sold the brand out of harm’s way; that he never gave notice of the sale; and that there was a prior agreement so that neither of them would sell their share in Dicercello al Otro.

We don’t know what to do with the damage, but other parts have been revealed over time. No, there was no such agreement between the two that the notice of sale had to be given. And yes, Jolie informed Pitt that she intended to sell the property to a third party, as evidenced by a mail leaked a few months earlier, and in addition Jolie states that she does not want to continue a business that relies on alcohol, an addiction acknowledged by Pitt in recent years (he can drink a bottle of vodka in half the time and continue functionally, according to statements Jolie made to authorities) and reportedly runs the Uno de los Detonantes. Del Divorso.

Jolie tried to sell her stake in Miraval to Pitt, but wanted to include a confidentiality clause about the incident on the private plane: a feud between Pitt, Jolie and their children in September 2016, which began days after the divorce. Even the FBI investigated the actor in 2016 for “allegedly physically and verbally assaulting” Jolie and the children, all minors. The allegation caused Jolie to break the agreement and negotiate with Scheffler. Jolie counterclaimed $250 million in September last year, accusing Pitt of siphoning it off the business for years.

Since then, Pitt has multiplied his entrepreneurial activity as head of Miraval, and has made his image for all new and old projects arising from the old family home. And he’s turned the divorce war (which went into effect in 2019) into a business war: On June 1 this year, Pitt added new arguments to his lawsuit against Jolie and Scheffler, after 18 months trying to cancel the sale of Miraval.

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