Is Disco Dead? From Everything It Looks Like Dua Lipa’s New Music Era Has Begun

el nuevo video de la cantante para la a film by barbie Gave Us A Major Sign That There Will Be A New Beginning, We Tell You Why Everything Signs That It’s Beginning la nueva era music de dua lipa,

In March 2020, Supplication released his album “Memories of the Future” he became But. 1 en los charts asi como un fan favorite, I got married three years after he hit “Dance the Night” its main subject barbie furapparently dua is saying goodbye to him disco era,

Ann 2021Disc i was nominated In those grammy’s album of the year or Best Pop Vocal Album, The award he took home and marked his career forever. Now, fans have a feeling that change is about to happen and the key lies in her latest music video.

dua lipa new age
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Dua Lipa’s last video gives us a hint of her new era

mark ronsonwho is the creator of “Dance the Night” and at all barbie soundtrackI recently said in an interview vulture that’s music Supplication it was perfect for skin and that music video is too much and of course this will The end of its disco era. “Their music does everything I love that fits dance music: it has energy but it’s a little hard and spare at the same time”. Besides, I say it there disc ball rupture Vishal explained it all and this is what happened will give up this age.

Regarding his new music, he confirmed that he has already heard some pieces and that it sounds very different from what we hear. there are rumors that he first simple With your new disc you will reach end of this year and what will it be Launched in 2024.

If you haven’t seen the music video yet inspired by barbie-core(which also makes us extremely emotional because it has a cameo from the director greta gerwig) We drop you down here.

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