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Singer Billie Eilish mourns dog’s death at age 15: “I hope I get to meet you one day”

The American artist shared the farewell of his childhood dog Pepper: “Today is a really hard day”.

I have been with her since she was six years old.

Pepper was no easy bitch. In addition to hating other dogs and being afraid of cars and people, he growled at everything, whether he was happy or sad. But that’s not why it was special. And it was a favorite companion of one of this generation’s greatest pop artists, Billie Eilish.

The 21-year-old singer and songwriter shared the death of her childhood dog this Sunday, July 23: “Pepper. My best friend for life. I hope to meet you one day, my sweet girl”, “What was I made for?” The song was composed by the author for the film “Barbie”, which has already earned more than one million euros at the box office in Portugal.

,You lived for 15 years, warrior. I love you and hope you rest in peace. I will miss you forever. Today is a really tough day”, concluded the artist.

When Billie was only six years old, the dog arrived at her home and came to end the sad life without animals in the family. “Earlier, we used to have many animals in our house. But over time, they grow old and eventually die. We were all very sad, but Patrick (O’Connell, Billy’s father) was also relieved that he no longer had to pick up dog poop all the time,” the artist’s mother, Maggie Baird, explained in a video on Instagram.

Maggie, Billy and Phineas, the singer’s brother and also an artist and musician, were deeply saddened when their father asked them to take a year off from their pets, but they respected it. “After a year, Billy, Phineas and I were ready to get another dog. However, he didn’t want to do that.

“So we talked to a vet and she said maybe it would be better if she chose the family dog. That way, you won’t feel like these animals are invading your life.” Patrick heeded the advice and went to the nearest shelter with the rest of the family.

“We met so many animals and fell in love with Pepper. Patrick liked it too, but still, he had to choose the animal himself. In such a situation, Maggie and the children let him go to the shelter alone, so that the decision would not be affected in any way.

“All three of us were waiting for your arrival in the room. When we heard the sound of the gate, we ran to see who he had brought. He had a strap behind his back and we were very happy as soon as we saw the paper. We finally found a dog we loved”, the mother recalled.

Still, not everything was a bed of roses: “She came with some problems as she was there at the shelter and many families had already returned her. He had gone through bad times and came back with great fear”, In addition to being a reactive dog, Pepper growls at everything, but the owners have grown to love him.

“We were even asked to turn her back because she was aggressive, but we would never do that.” Instead, he hired a dog trainer and taught him to be more sociable. Which worked little, as she remained a wild animal on the road.

Maggie also penned a few words for one of the “greatest joys of my life”: “I am so sad, but so lucky to have loved you so much. Everyone who took the time to know you knows how easy it was to love you. You made us laugh and brought so much joy”, she said.

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