How to Avoid the Curse of Harry Styles or the ‘Boy Band’

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7/11/2023 at 2:49 pm


There is no urban music, avoid these ‘characteristics’ in fashion and do not release ‘singles’ apart from their albums; presents an androgynous image that may be disturbing, He seems to be heavily influenced by his father’s record collection and the worst part is that he comes from a ‘boy band’. curse? With so many things that seem to be creaking, Harry Styles’ rise to the first class of pop can be surprising, with tours of big venues bringing this kid to the Olympic Stadium (tickets from 90-250 euros sold out on sale last September).

A Escanario agrees, I received the day before (July 8, 2014) to meet my colleagues from One Direction. It was another time: Styles operated within a disciplinary machinery where group members complemented each other and whose individual charisma and values, outside of the collective picture, were not yet on display. From these sources, only rarely come triumphant solo artists: Justin Timberlake (N’SYNC), Robbie Williams (Take That). And now, Ricciño and Wise Harry, who showed courage and specific concerns when they launched into the territory in 2017 with their first personal albums, while One Direction announced a parone that was deemed temporary.

songs with history

that disc showed it as a Fan of somewhat ‘retro’ sounds: Californian soft-rock and folk-rock on the stele of the legendary Laurel Canyon, cosmic guineos alo Bowie and Pink Floyd (‘Sign of the Times’, first ‘single’ no less). Its first tour passes through Palau Sant Jordi (which cannot be filled). And another, already confirming the next album is on its way, ‘Fine Line’ (2019), will not be released due to the pandemic. from there ‘Harry’s House’, the beautiful artwork that is associated with his return to Barcelona. The pulse has been woken by that break announced by One Direction: Everything indicates that ‘boy band’ is history.

Although ‘Harry’s House’ is an album that emerges from a limited life, it doesn’t package importance or self-compassionate vocals, but Suena Franco, Jugueton y Hasta Liberado. Soft, danceable, easy-to-use lyric work, with portions of acoustic lyrics that convey a confessional posture. The calendar has moved forward a few pages, but not much: there are echoes of the ’80s and ’90s in that synth-pop chemistry and soul-funk gymnastics. y emerges One song, ‘As It Was’, built into its greatest achievement with a synthesizer visual that would make OMD or A-ha happy. and its vibrancy around the twinkling childish lights (in the portico of which comes the voice of his little girl, Ruby Winston: “Come on, Harry, we want to say good night”).

inside the house

Styles communicate inner well-being, homely warmth, understanding with tuyos. Literally an attachment to the physical space, and that’s why I interviewed the (very popular) American magazine ‘Better Homes and Gardens’. In its most philosophical sense, ‘Harry’s House’ is a reflection of their sense of coexistence, filled with details of everyday life and the occasional visit of supposed ghosts from the past. ehi no beta ajena las Drugs, which featured some text: “We share the last streak, then we drink.” (‘Satellite’), “You were putting cocaine in my kitchen, reading horoscopes, you never heard; I hope you are looking down on me” (‘Din Ke Jaale’).

With these songs, Harry Styles is on the road to stardom, managing values ​​such as honesty and naturalness, without being the trendiest of the class, but aiming with pop brilliance. The 16-year-old teenager who made his mark on ‘The X Factor’, at the age of 29, maintains the line as informative as possible, at the highest level (Questions about your connection are “obsolete”, it said) and sighing on the ground to fill Bell stadiums, but still, it’s hard to stay in them, and let the idea slip that the ‘mainstream’ might be compatible with intelligent life.

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