Health calls for extreme caution to avoid drowning on beaches and pools this summer.

MURCIA. He world drowning prevention day is celebrated on Tuesday, and for this reason, and with the onset of summer, the Ministry of Health emphasizes the need to take extreme precautions and vigilance of children and the elderly to prevent accidents related to swimming on beaches and in pools, the regional authorities said in a statement.

“As the number of leisure activities and sports on the water increases, the risk of drowning and serious injuries, such as head injuries, increases, which we want to avoid with these tips,” emphasized in José Jesús Guillén Director General of Public Health and Addictions.

Guillén recalled that “every year in Spain more than 400 people die as a result of drowning and, as far as children are concerned, most of them drown in swimming pools.” He also pointed out that older people are more affected by these types of accidents at sea, “so care should be taken and do not overestimate their abilities, even if they are in good general health.

Health insists on the necessary vigilance of minors and the escort of the elderly at sea, where sea currents can show unexpected strength, and especially caring for people of any age who have any previous pathology which necessitates special control of the bathroom.


Children must always be accompanied in the pool where they are going to swim, which must also have adequate security measures such as a lifeguard and/or perimeter fencing to prevent children from freely entering it.

“They must be supervised at all times when in or playing near the water, and if a child cannot swim or is a poor swimmer, they must wear a buoyant life jacket,” the statement said. Director General of Public Healthwho reminded that inflatable floats are not recommended.

In addition, it is necessary to follow the safety rules on the beach and teach children the meanings of the flags. In addition, the Ministry of Health insists that with minors it is better to always swim on the beaches under supervision and always follow the instructions of the lifeguards.

Similar recommendations for those over 65, since 35 percent of people in this age group die from drowning.

Therefore, it is important to know that If an elderly person is tired or has difficulty returning to shore, he should swim on his back, moving only his legs. until you get to safety, although Health advises older people to always enter the water with an escort and to leave the water immediately if they are tired or cold.

On the other hand, drinking alcohol before swimming at the beach or pool reduces the ability to respond to danger and can lead to behaviors that can endanger health. Similarly, Salud recalls that swimming at night on the beach is very dangeroussince in case of failure it is more difficult to seek help due to poor visibility and for someone to notice.

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