‘Ghosts Have All Their Fun’: The iconic statue from the first film was stolen from the set

An unusual scene worthy of a thriller happened on the sets of the sequel.ghost fun 2,

According to the police in Vermont, US, an iconic statue from the original film, weighing around 70 kilos, was stolen during the early hours of last Monday (17).

directed by fan of the classic Tim Burton Certainly recognition will be given to the work that had a notable involvement in the original production.

Vermont police mocked the situation on Twitter, referencing the film: “We tried to name this stolen statue three times, but it didn’t come back!”

In addition to the sculpture, a second item was also stolen from the set: a lamppost decorated with a pumpkin on top. According to information received from the authorities, the thieves used a pickup truck to transport the decorations.

first, magazine People Exclusive first behind-the-scenes photos released ‘Ghosts Have Fun 2’,

multiple images Winona Ryder it is Jenna Ortega as Lydia Deetz and Betty, respectively—and reveal that Ortega’s character is married.

check out:

in an interview with gq magazineacclaimed musician Danny ElfmanThe longtime collaborator of Burton talked a bit about his return in the sequel, saying he couldn’t be more excited.

“Having a chance to do it again thirty-five years later is the weirdest sequel ever.”that matters. “I’m really excited to be back.”

Earlier, in an interview Empire, Michael KeatonThe returning character as Beetlejuice revealed that the sequel would prioritize the use of practical effects rather than CGI – which had been one of the great successes of the first film.

The original film, released in 1988, also won an Oscar best makeup,

“We are making things happen, improving and creating; People are actually making and building things with their own hands. It’s been wonderful. This has been one of the most fun shooting experiences I have had for a film in a long time.

he meets, “We are doing it exactly like the first film. There’s a lady with a fishing line in the great waiting room – I want people to know this because I like it – pulling a cat’s tail and wiggling it.

in addition to Keatonwill also return in the sequel Winona Ryder it is Catherine O’Hara,

Jenna Ortega (‘Panico’) character Lydia Deetz’s daughter rider In original feature. artists will also attend willem dafoe (‘headlight’), justin theroux it is Monica BellucciWho will play the character of Betelgeuse’s wife.

The new film will officially premiere 6 September 2024 – 36 years since the release of the original feature.

Production will begin over the extended Labor Day weekend – which is a lucrative holiday for studios and movies alike. In the same period, Warner Bros. The Duology has already been released’it: thing‘ ($1.17B) and ‘nun‘ ($365.5 million).

Studio will bet on ‘sequel’ in 2023nun 2‘For this holiday.

Earlier, Burton Commented on the project: “I only know whether I am making a film or not when I am filming on the sets. I try to go back to the root of it all. It grows from a seed and then grows, not from these statements. I’m working on ideas and things, but it’s all too early. Lets see how it goes. How about that unanswered answer?”

Released in 1988, the original film follows the afterlife of Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis), who become victims of a car accident and become trapped in his country house as a ghost haunting him.

When a rich and arrogant family buys the property, the couple do everything possible to evict them with the help of a ghost named Besauro Sueko.Keaton,

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