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Romance confirmed between Leonardo DiCaprio and famous supermodel

Romance confirmed between Leonardo DiCaprio and famous supermodel

Rumors of a romance between Leonardo DiCaprio and a famous supermodel have been doing the rounds for some time now. a part of a part of the declarations, A source close to the pair confirmed the love,

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Specifically, and according to People magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid Will Continue to Enjoy Each Other’s Company, According to the source of publication, The 48-year-old actor and the 28-year-old model “spent time together in the Hamptons during July 4th weekend”“. In the example, The kingdom of Hebrion “collaborates” between them,

,They were with different groups of people, but they celebrated together over the course of two nights. furon coquetos and gigi were happy“, assured the anonymous source.

,It is quite clear that it is coming. Maybe not exclusively, but it’s definitely coming up“Added personality.”It’s always pretty predictable: Leo shows up at parties first, then Gigi second. it’s like a game,

The source also said Inside the parties are “subtle touches and a lot of coziness” when “they can be more private”. why Hadid usually “falls on her side”.

On the other hand, Youaround hadid I added that the model is simple “Single and enjoying summer.”

,She sees Leo when they are in the same place. have fun with him it’s more of a flirtatious relationship than a relationship“, says the source.”she likes attention,

,However, you are not stupid. I do not believe that the relationship will end with someone“, adds the source. To finalize the sentence: “Although it’s respectful and doesn’t cause any drama, I’ll continue to watch it whenever I can,

in that way, Las Nuevas Fuentes will confirm the rumor that arose New York Fashion Week last September I respect novels. However, so far none of the people involved have wanted to make a statement.

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