From Tenet to The Matrix Reloaded, 13 Terrible Movies From Great Filmmakers

In all industries and walks of life, even the best of people fail to target the white.

However, mistakes can be costly for professional filmmakers. Unlike most people, millions of people can see their splashes: one bad film can tarnish one’s reputation for years or even decades.

Still, this isn’t just a list of bad movies. It’s a tribute to those rare cases in which great directors just got it wrong.

For every Kelly Reichardt or Paul Thomas Anderson who have managed to pursue their entire careers without losing artist quality, there are many others who have not achieved the same thing.

Even media giants have been prone to the occasional fall.

From Steven Spielberg to Christopher Nolan, here’s a roundup of 13 terrible movies made by great filmmakers…

Robert Altman –Popeye (1980)

al diablo con el revisionismo, la version musical en live action In Popeye, El Marinero Fanatic de las Espinacas, Sigu Siendo Mala with Robin Williams. When it premiered in 1980, it was so harshly criticized that Altman, one of the best American directors of all time, was largely ousted from Hollywood’s spotlight, and eventually had to return. Mainstream together after a decade player,

Kathryn Bigelow-water weight (2002)

after successes like point Break or strange Days, water weight It was a latent failure for Kathryn Bigelow. Starring Elizabeth Hurley and Sean Penn, La Cinta was a sinuous drama set between two eras. Its 35 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes puts it straight into the “Rotten” category, but anyone who’s seen it will say that 35 percent sounds generous.

Frank Capra – pockets full of wonders (1961)

So skillfully sentimental as En la historia del cine, no habido casi nadi Capra. While many of your favorite movies (Mister. Smith went to Washington, it’s a Wonderful Life, it happened one night) premiered in the thirties and forties, he remained a prolific director until 1961. However, by then the magic was beginning to fade: pockets full of wonders It’s an exhausting and sad work, a depressingly vulnerable death rattle of one of Hollywood’s legends.

the ladykillers It is often referred to as the lowest point in the Coen brothers’ career.


Coen brothersthe ladykillers (2004)

Some films stand out even in the midst of a great filmography the ladykillersCareless reconstruction From the classic comedy of Ealing by brothers Ethan and Joel Coen. There’s no doubt that Tom Hanks is enjoyable in his role, unusual for him, as the villain laughs off the South, but the next film is poorly thought out, apart from including some questionable racial politics, which had little to offer on its own.

Francis Ford Coppola –Jack (1996)

Coppola’s best films can go head-to-head with almost anything else in cinema: Saint; Apocalypse Now, Conversation, But when you watch his worst movies, it’s hard to honestly believe it was the same persona. And in Coppola’s repertoire, there’s nothing worse than JackRomantic comedy starring Robin Williams as a child trapped in an adult’s body.

David Fincher –alien 3 (1992)

It is unusual for Fincher’s worst solo film to be his first, a noted blockbuster hit that grossed nearly $160 million. Thereafter, established on the ground Foreigner by Ridley Scott, James Cameron’s surprisingly good sequel to The Bell, alien 3 It was a disappointment in every sense: a brutal mutilation of rear waistbands that couldn’t hide the scars of an overblown bust behind the cameras.

sigourney weaver on alien 3


Alfred Hitchcock-champagne (1928)

All of Hitchcock’s most famous films were produced many years after the filmmaker began working in the industry; champagne This is one of his many first works that has probably only been seen by his most obsessive fanatics. Elmismo Hitchcock’s post-time denouement, Strap, deals with a young woman (Betty Balfour) who seeks work in exchange for her priest who has gone to hell. The director commented, “The film has no history to tell.”

Richard Linklater – bad news bear (2005)

Linklater is a filmmaker who can be admired for his versatility. Development plays have been fully highlighted (boyhood) for experimental animation (a scanner darkly) and dark comedies (Bernie, But, like any director who takes such drastic turns, he’s delivered some tropezo, none the worse. reconstruction Comedy about baseball from 1976 to 2005 bad news comes, Not even Billy Bob Thornton, who plays a decaffeinated version of Borracho Day. bad santaMakes this film worthwhile.

David Lynch –dune (1984)

revolutionary mind behind blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive or twin Peaks Its sensitivity is so special that it has become its own adjective, but dune I have a little Lynchiana. Decades before Frank Herbert’s science fiction epic was successfully brought to the screen by Denis Villeneuve, Lynch’s rambling and confusing version emerged as a hit of misinterpreted adaptations.

Kyle MacLachlan starred duneMuch-criticized adaptation of David Lynch’s iconic science fiction novel

(1984 Dino De Laurentiis Corporation)

Christopher Nolan-Principle (2020)

see: there’s a lot of good stuff in it Principle, Las Asenas de Accion. Robert Pattinson’s copycat of the eccentric Christopher Hitchens. The simple mechanical ambition of the whole affair. but that thriller The Nolan-directed Time Travels is also a disaster, which proved too convoluted and funny to earn the appreciation of moviegoers.

Steven Spielberg-1941 (1979)

Despite all his prowess behind the camera, Spielberg never quite found his strength in comedy. Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that his worst bet was a disgusting farce of conspiracy theories dating back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. failure of 1941 The No Hisiera Fair Is Testimony to the Revolutionary Power of Tequila Day Jaws Four years earlier and the prodigious genius of Spielberg; In less capable hands, it was such a nuisance that a promising director was taken with him to the grave.

Las Wachowski –the matrix Reloaded (2003)

Although there are strong supporters of the first two Matrix sequels, it can’t be denied that most people don’t think so. succeed math question, a minor success that literally changed the structure of Hollywood, was going to be a difficult task in any case. But the public wasn’t ready for the plot and the general tone of nerd, CGI clinginess and complacency. reload I missed a fair amount, but I went down in history as a disastrous sequel.

keanu reeves on the matrix Reloaded

(Jasene Boland)

Robert Zemeckis- a Christmas Carol (2009)

Director of back to the future Her career path has had her great works as well as quite a few low points. Polar ExpressSince 2004, the present has been presented as the pinnacle of Western computer animation’s sinister “shaky valley”, but even this film is opaque to its 2009 version. a Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Starring a digitized Jim Carrey in the role of Scrooge, it was blissfully lacking nonsense.

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