Friends Made Fun Of Margot Robbie For Not Kissing Ryan Gosling In “Barbie”

Robbie and Gosling play Barbie and Ken in Greta Gerwig’s new film

Friends made fun of Margot Robbie for not kissing Ryan Gosling

Friends Made Fun Of Margot Robbie For Not Kissing Ryan Gosling In “Barbie”

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It’s no secret that Barbie and Ken dolls are known to be sweethearts, right? However, in the film directed greta gerwigcharacters played by margot robbie it is Ryan Gosling They don’t kiss at any point in the feature – something that made the actress a joke among a group of friends!

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In an interview with People, Robbie, who in addition to acting is also a producer on Barbie, was asked if she was unhappy about kissing her co-star during filming. “Uh no! It didn’t feel like a win to me,” He replied.

“All my friends were like, ‘Okay, you did the whole movie with her and you didn’t kiss her? What happened to you? I thought you were in charge this time!’ “I was like, ‘I know, I can’t cross this (off my list),'” said the 33-year-old star.

On the other hand, Ryan was satisfied with the way the characters’ relationship was: “It was so much fun to find out what his view of the kiss would have been. I’m so glad that all came to an end.”

Released last Thursday (20), “Barbie”The live-action film about the world’s most famous doll has the biggest opening in the United States for a film directed by a woman. Furthermore, it grossed an impressive BRL 84 million in its opening weekend with an estimated viewership of 4.15 million people.

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