Fortnite: Galaxy Cup Returns Soon With Amazing Prizes And Exclusive Skin

News for the competitive community Fortnitebecause the Galaxy Cup will be back very soon with attractive rewards and prizes. The competition will take place later this month and will kick off with a round of exclusive matches for Android users.

Later, the rest of the community on other systems will be able to join the Galaxy Cup 4 action. Below, we will share all the details of the tournament in case you dare to show off your battle royale skills.

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When will Galaxy Cup 4 Fortnite Battle Royale?

You can already mark on your calendar if you’re interested in the competition, as it starts on July 29th for players using Android devices. Later, on July 30, the contest will be open to the rest of the community on other platforms.

Both days will be Zero Construction mode and participants will have 2 hours and a maximum of 7 games to score as many points as possible. The system will benefit players who win or are in the best position in games. As you can imagine, the highest scoring players in each region will receive different prizes.

To take part in a tournament, all you need to do is go to the “Competitions” tab and view the schedule for any of the days. Of course, you will need a level 15 or higher and a Bronze I rating or higher in the Zero Construction ranked mode.

What prizes will Galaxy Cup 4 give away?

Members will be able to receive a new Dream Beats pack, which will be available later in the in-game store. So, Galaxy Cup 4 is an opportunity to get exclusive content before anyone else. The set includes Astro Galactic Outfit, Stellar Equalizer Backpack, Kirk’s Shimmering Remix, Equalize Emote and Starry Galaxy Wrap.

Those who receive the skin will also be rewarded with the Galactic Encore and Cosmic Star styles, which will be included in a later Battle Royale update. Finally, participants who score at least 8 points will receive a “Pet Cat” spray. Below you can see some of the awards.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4 will have attractive prizes
Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4 will have attractive prizes

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