Epa Colombia criticizes poor health care in Colombia: “It’s the worst”

Epa Colombia, Colombian influencer. Photo: Instagram @epa_colombia

EPS Colombia Nothing usually saves when you want to complain about something, and this was recently sent against the health service in a country that it classified as “worst”.

From the social networks of his keratin company, an influencer from Bogota claimed that she had to go to the hospital due to severe abdominal pain; however, he was poorly looked after, although he paid privately.

“Friend, I didn’t tell you, but yesterday I almost died. Remember the day before yesterday I told you that I have terrible pain here? (He pointed to his stomach), I had to go to the doctor. Friend, I was treated very badly, I paid privately and everything, and they treated me badly, terrible friend.

Subsequently, he assured that he paid a million pesos for the consultation and examination that he had and almost caused a scandal due to inattention.

Health in Colombia is worse… than a consultation and a million tests… of course I paid for it, but they didn’t even serve me, I almost died of a fever, impressive pain here. I drank dragon drops, drank milk of magnesia, everything you told me, I had to go to the doctor, I almost made a scandal there … Thank God my phone went off, so I didn’t report it.

In turn, the keratin businesswoman also highlighted the images: “Terrible service, I don’t know why they study if they don’t work with love.” In addition to what was said, Epa Colombia also included several images of him being seen from a hospital stretcher. However, the woman from Bogota did not specify what her diagnosis was and whether she was already feeling better.

Although everything seems to indicate that he is better, as he spoke on the subject from his home, and in the company of his girlfriend, he began to answer questions that his followers sent him through social networks. On the other hand, Epa Colombia is not the only Colombian celebrity to complain about the healthcare system, as Marialejandra Manotas did in previous months.

Epa Colombia takes action against poor healthcare service in Colombia: “It’s the worst”

Complaints about the health care system were always and constantly raised because of its slowness and imperfections, among other things. In this sense, in March Marialejandra Manotas reported her frustration after waiting more than four hours for an appointment at the clinic. of which he did not expand on his name. So from his Instagram stories, he began by saying:

“I just got home four and a half hours later and all they did to me at the clinic was take my blood pressure and put on a bracelet. For four hours they did not come to me, neither to me, nor to the many people who were there. Really, how powerless, I am so angry because no one, neither the poor nor the rich, nor anyone else deserves to be in a very poor and very sick clinic, having to wait four hours to not be visited, I am very angry. Truly, no one deserves it.”

In turn, the content creator wrote on the image that only three doctors and three nurses are caring for more than a hundred people. “Every time I was going to ask, they told me that x patients were missing, and so on … What a terrible healthcare system! 3 doctors and 3 nurses for 300 people and I’m sure they must be shocked to be there“. Below is what Manotas shared at the time:

Complaint by Marialejandra Manotas about the healthcare system: “For four hours they did not visit me, nor me, nor many people”

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