Did the Drake Holograms distribute any books at your concerts?

why do you need to know:

A viral video featuring an alleged Drake hologram starts an important conversation about how easy it is to fall prey to disinformation… especially in the age of digital advancement.

Solo on Twitter, the rapper’s most recent concert video Drake have come more than 20 million people, After learning about Cabezado, we explored technological advancements. This is what the viral video says drake posing with a hologram of himself And when they sit in the same cell, computerized image he gives a book in hand.

As? Did Drake Sing With The Holograms? How can we interact with a computer generated image? The answer is quite simple.

Video in which he says a hologram of Drake gives a book // Photo: screen capture

It turns out that everything is possible… The magic power of lies on the internet, Despite the fact that the video is extremely viral and even International media propagates it as truth, In reality, Drake not presented with no hologram,

and of course, the book, even though it’s pretty boring, if I let it a real person,

The reality behind Drake’s hologram at his concert

All this lies and conspiracy of technology in concert of the past 5th July In chicago, in which this was the first performance of the expected tour drake and 21 savage will share 56 Zips Across the United States,

A kid who says hologram with Drake // Photo: HydratedHero

but good, dichoso concert, second internet, start with A hologram depicting Drake as a teenager Sitting on a cylon. When Drake After walking in public, child takes in scenery he hands her a rhyme book, At the opening, the Canadian Suelta Con is First song of the night: ‘look what you’ve done’,

At first glance, it sounds impressive, doesn’t it? However, although we were pleased to see this technological advance, it was all a lie.

Although los videos have joined millions of copies And the world media assure that the Canadian rapper shared the scenes -and physical interactions- with one computer generated imageReality is much more boring: it’s not about anymore a boy who looks like drake freego, A normal performance, Puse.

the kid behind the drake hologram

While the identity of the child behind the alleged Drake hologram is still not known, all eyes are on the productions. to attend a meeting the day before, on July 6, as a person record youth get off stage – To get rid of any technical doubts,

We see him walking in public in full flesh and blood A jersey of the NFL’s Rams, No 3D Images.

Interestingly, Drake himself briefly commented on the controversial extravagance of the hologram he reportedly hands over a book. went to Canadian Sus instagram stories A photo in which the young person is accompanied and simply asks: ¿Hologram?

Drake’s story with the guy who calls himself a hologram // Photo: @champagnepapi

At the end of accounts, the story of perception drake hologram There was no damage to the pulse. It could also just be a curious story that has gone hugely viral, but… didn’t you know that it raises many doubts about the future of information in the digital age? When AI advances create increasingly realistic imagesEverything we see on our screens can be suspect Even if it’s a song.

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