Decathlon sells shapewear bikini bottoms that look great on the bottom.

Showing off your great boyfriend on the beach is always accepted. But sometimes we need to boost our self-esteem, and in this game, shapewear fashion is unbeatable. Decathlon knows this, which is why it launched its cropped swimwear and here’s why His surfer panties became a bestseller. Take note because it’s on sale right now.

They call it surf panties because they are very comfortable and perfect for water sports in the summer when neoprene is not needed. But really, any of us can wear it. And in fact, he’s going to take her. because it’s from super flattering high waist and sculpt effect what does the dude do

High waisted bikini bottoms

The shaping part of these panties is at the waist, with slimming mesh that creates the effect of a flat stomach. It is available in many different colors so we can combine them with all of our bikini tops and make them look like sets. Its summer sale price €11.99 8.99 euros.

We can’t wait to try them out on the beach and stop worrying about the ultra-low and risky kicks that always play tricks on us. yeah In addition to being comfortable and maintaining its shape, it comes in many shades. nice, better than better. And this Decathlon offer is win win.

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