Confirm purchase of personal protective equipment for firefighters

It is hoped that this will improve the functioning of the unit.

Minister of Government and President of the Protection of the Benemerito Body of Firefighters of the Republic Panama (BCBRP), Roger Tejada, confirmed that Personal Protective Equipment (EPP) has already been procured for all working firefighters in the country and as part of the process, the US company in charge of its manufacture will arrive in Panama this week.

According to the minister, the purpose of the North American company’s visit is to take measures to advance the construction of EPPs in all stations in the country, whichThey are fully customizable.

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Minister Tejada’s announcement was made during the Protocol Act celebrating the 126th anniversary of the zone Regional Colón, held at the Estación Luis Ducruet, was also presided over by Senel. Ernesto de Leon Achevares, Managing Director in charge of BCBRP.

Similarly, Minister Tejada announced the purchase and retrofitting of fire extinguishers, with the process of purchasing ambulances, and good visas received from the ministry last summer. To honor the increase agreed and committed by De Economía y Finanzas (MEF) President Laurentino Cortizo.

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For his part, El Kenel. From Lyon I took a historic tour of the role played during the 126 For years by the firefighters of Cologne, in the service of the province, ringing the country’s bell.


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