Con Grand Slam de Taylor, Dodgers les ponen un alto a Orioles

Baltimore — Chris Taylor commits four fouls in a row. And finally Brian Baker released another one.

Chris Taylor hit a grand slam in the sixth inning with an 0–2 inning, and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Orioles on the scoreboard, 6–4, at El Lunes and ended Baltimore’s eight-win streak.

Baltimore placed one game behind leader Tampa Bay in the East Division of the American League.

“I took a bunch[of straight lines]and I looked for it,” says Taylor. “You can’t leave me alive, because I have a slider and a change of pace as well. Nothing but trying to make contact. I guess it was just a question of making adjustments while I was still firing them”.

Los Angeles lost 4-1 on Friday before Will Smith reached second. Baltimore opener Grayson Rodriguez was relieved with men on first and second and nobody out, and for a moment it looked like Baker (3-3) would escape the quagmire with two consecutive highs.

But Baker gave ticket with full basis. El Derecho continued to launch straight lines at the plate and after two fouls, Taylor sent a line through center park to reach 12 squares off on the year.

Emmett Sheehan (3-0) allowed four innings in five innings, but the Orioles didn’t study or score in front of the Los Angeles bullpen. Ryan Brasier worked a hit novena for his first save since joining the Dodgers last month.

By Dodgers, 4-1 David Peralta of Venezuela.

The Orioles defeated Anthony Santander of Venezuela, 3–0. Mexican Ramon Urias by 4-1 with a note.


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