Chicago Fire: Otis’ Real Illness in NBC Fire Drama

Through the 11 seasons of NBC’s Chicago Fire, countless characters have been introduced, and if there’s anyone who has received massive fan acclaim, it’s Otis. The character met death as a result of injuries sustained in a fire, but perhaps many do not remember that he, too, was ill.

Chicago Fire This is one of the best drama series on TV. This popular show, which airs on Wednesday nights, tells the stories of a group of firefighters, paramedics and rescuers who work tirelessly to save lives while risking their own.

Otis died in the first episode of the eighth season of Chicago Fire.

Created by Dick Wolf for the broadcast network. NBK as the first show in the franchise One Chicago, “Chicago Fire” made millions of fans who have followed the series from the very beginning fall in love with its characters. For this reason, when someone dies, the audience suffers, as happened with Otis, the firefighter played by Yuri Sardarov as one of the main actors.

Recall that at the beginning of the 8th season, Otis died from injuries sustained during a fire at the mattress factory at the end of the seventh part. There is no doubt that this was one of the most agonizing deaths that Chicago Fire presented in its stories, since the writers’ goal is to show viewers what can actually happen to those heroes who do such work.

Like a drama, Chicago Fire not only threatens the lives of its characters, but also all sorts of dangers that haunt them day after day. On the NBC series, Otis was battling a serious illness in the middle of the show’s fourth installment. The character of Yuri Sardarov was affected by significant bruising on the body even after the diagnosis learned that he had a blood disorder known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

In Season 4 of Chicago Fire, Otis had a blood disorder that left bruises on his body.

This is not the only health complication for Otis in Chicago Fire history. In season 6 a gunshot wound affects your ability to walk unaided. So when he dies, he went through several life-threatening scenarios, including being diagnosed with ITP, which makes his untimely end all the more tragic not only for his colleagues, but also for Chicago Fire fans.

The hit series said goodbye to fans last May after the end of its 11th season. “Chicago Fire” has been renewed for a twelfth installment, which was originally scheduled for fall 2023, but after the crisis that the entertainment world is currently experiencing, there is unfortunately no release date for new episodes.

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