BTS’s Jungkook gives befitting reply to those who criticize him for modifying his body

Recently, singer jungkook from popular group btsA few weeks after they finished celebrating their group’s tenth anniversary, it has become a trend for social networks among South Korean ARMYs and all their fanatics to reveal their new piercings instead, an aspect that didn’t go down well with some of their followers, even Idol got great response,

past June 30 Jungkook did a live broadcast on stage for all his fans waivers alone to announce their new launch”Seven, Through Live South Korean Idol, he gave the details of his song, and also revealed some small things about it.

After the singer revealed the news that impressed all the followers, she started talking about other topics among which she found herself. new piercingBecause many fans were asking about them in the comments, and Jungkook agreed to show it up close.

Instead the singer recognized that there were some hardliners in Les Gustava who wanted him to rise. perforation hey tattoosTo which he bluntly replied: “It’s understandable that many fanatics don’t like this, but I enjoy ostentatious things, they give a little edge to my own appearance, because my facial features are round, and I like these kinds of details that help me balance out that roundness, it’s my body,

Loyalist forces felt it was not necessary to give anything to Jungkook Explanation Hacia los internotas, pues es su cuerpo y eli dissides que hacer con el. Other followers were proud of him because he had the courage to admit that his face was round, and he knew he needed some detail to highlight his most revealing features.

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