BTS: Jungkook Surpasses The Weeknd To Be The Most Listened Male Artist Worldwide spotify, jungkook, ‘seven’ | bts

Jungkook debuted “Seven” and beat The Weeknd on all music platforms. Photo: Rachana LR/BIGHIT/V Go

On July 14, Jungkook premiered “Seven” as Junior, his first single as a solo artist and, as of its close, the music video has already garnered over 60 million views on YouTube. Along with rapper Leto, the BTS member initially published two versions of the song: Clean, selected for promotion on radio and music platforms; and the candid, musical Pizzazz format in which the lyrics show the most daring side of the South Korean singer. Due to the launch of the theme, ‘JK’ is now the most popular male artist worldwide.

Jungkook dethrones The Weeknd and wants to dethrone Taylor Swift

According to popularity lists on music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, Jungkook overtook The Weeknd as the most listened-to male artist, automatically placing him second worldwide behind Taylor Swift. This will be a new record in the career of the famous Asian who will be entering as a solo singer for the first time.

Jungkook beat The Weeknd to become the most listened-to male artist, and BTS fans are celebrating. Photo: Courtesy Apple Music

Instantly, BTS Fans Celebrate the New Hazana Day jungkook And highlighted that as a solo artist with only one song in his repertoire, he can outdo international artists: “El Nuevo Rey”, “If You’re Worth It” and “Dominating the World”Twitter had the most representative comments.

Jungkook teams up with ARMY for “Seven” listening party

As the youngest BTS premiere of “Seven” on the ground, Bell will also join his fans for a listening party, also known as a streaming party, where users systematically listen to themes to increase their presence across music platforms.

BTS: Jungkook debuts as a solo artist on July 14, 2023 with “Seven”. Photo: CompositionLR/BIGHIT

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