Bichota Barbie. The Muneka with whom Karol ji wants to be more famous

Enraging men in the process, the Colombian artist inspires them to go after their sweatpants by making women and girls look like Mattel toys.

Not plastic, not hollow. That’s why we present the brand its iconic dolls in “the hottest taquilera movie of the year.” The women are able to transform themselves into presidents, doctors, construction workers, and even singers… like Bichota Barbie.

Was Karol G cast because the producers saw her as a Colombian and Latin Barbie? On US soil, her $Trip Love Tour grossed almost $70 million – the biggest ever for an artist who sings in Spanish – and brought songs like “Tusa” (with Nicki Minaj) or “TQG” (with Shakira) to this nation of 350 million inhabitants, including the entire planet. Las Mujeres, “Plasticas” or not, invoice.

The song she brings to the soundtrack, “Vaati”, one of the main tunes, is also the one that protagonist Margot Robbie – according to her own words – couldn’t get out of her mind. Plus, we must remember that one of the star’s first public appearances was as a child.

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In their beginnings it was very common to see them explaining in interviews that, although reggaeton deals with “insufficient” topics for children, it was very important to them to take care of the message reaching their younger followers.

Is there a car Barbie ?, Let’s remember how last year Bichota promoted the career of pilot Tatiana Calderón, because of which she lost her brand sponsorship. And even if there is a Bichota Barbie, it was created by an entrepreneur named Shirley Cabrera and will cost a little less than a million pesos. The subject matter – the exact design made for the singer – would not be for sale.

The power of “Chicas”.

Sources around realize that Carolina Giraldo Navarro’s work team is strongly made up of women – not to forget the words ‘Girl Power’ that are tattooed on her right arm and have accompanied her through the years. And if it is clear that the success of the work to be done has nothing to do with gender, then an unequal world invites all those who can open space, Lou Hagen.

This is another aspect that is heavily reflected in the film, which also stars transgender actress Hari Nef. A Barbie with a disability, a Barbie “Rarita” and an overweight Barbie are presented, in addition to work directed by actress, director, screenwriter and producer Greta Gerwig (‘Lady Bird’, ‘Mujersitas’). Finally – when we were all getting fat or disappearing – the social network destroyed La Bichota. On Twitter this week, there has been an abundance of messages for overweight people who also walked into movie theaters with pink gifts.

This film makes fun of us men, more precisely toxic masculinity at its worst. Minispoiler: The fact that Ken came up with a lonely day to actually conclude that it was ruled by horses is all a genius. To be precise, the film makes fun of everyone, including Mattel; Yes it insinuates that the creator of Muneka (Ruth Handler) was convicted of tax fraud. In a world where several directors have sexually assaulted actresses during the recording of their films, we need to make Barbie an eternal legend. It can’t be that everything is allowed in fiction… except to have fun at the expense of the increasingly ridiculous stereotype of the alpha male.

It’s in this last glimpse of what could be the film’s crowning achievement. It should be noted that, as in Barbieland, male conquests (eg wars and their derivatives) are due to strength and female achievements (as in the right to vote) are due to intelligence. For example, when Anuel began to tell his fans that ‘Feraxo’ had left La Bichota, he responded very subtly: two publications (one on Feed’s Instagram and the other on Karol’s) contained pictures of very rare vases, with which it was more clear to interpret that they were drinking together and at once. Barbie’s fabulous and fabulous sense of humor.


*Author of ‘Reggaeton: Una Revolution Latina’.

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